George Michael Announces 1st Leg Of Symphonica Tour

George Michael.  File Photo
George Michael. File Photo

George Michael. File Photo

George Michael announced the 1st leg of his Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour this morning on GeorgeMichael.com and it will keep him busy from August til December.

He will kick it off in Prague, and end it in Manchester in December.  The 2nd leg already includes a date in April in Paris.  Here is an official statement:

"Symphonica will see George Michael hit over 15 countries across Europe from August through December 2011. Some of the amazing venues already lined up include the O2 Arena in Berlin, Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, Palau San Jordi in Barcelona, London's legendary Royal Albert Hall, and many, many more! He will perform not only a carefully chosen selection of his songs, spanning all his remarkable, near 30-year career, but he will cover some of his favourite songs from other artists. The music will be re-worked and re-arranged for the orchestra which will accompany George at each location. This new classical setting will give each song added layers and new nuances. It's unmistakably George Michael, but not as we've ever known him."

We are happy for the fans overseas but do hope the 2nd leg will hit the U.S. in 2012.  Italy in September sure sounds nice though.-Dr.FB

For a full list of the 1st leg of tour, click HERE!

Diagnosis:  Father Figure With An Orchestra?

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  1. We would LOVE you to come to Santa Barbara Bowl!!! You are amazing.

  2. Is he coming to the US? If so.. tell him to come to St Paul. I LOVE GEORGE MICHAEL

  3. Is GM coming to the USA does anybody know? I want to see him. Come to FL please

  4. Is GM coming to the USA does anybody know? I want to see him.

  5. we love you georgey

  6. Great … I hope this show will be filmed for DVD & LIVE CD

  7. This sounds like an amazing tour , I really hope he comes to LA with this.

  8. Absolutely love this picture. Love for GM

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