Does Beyonce’s Billboard Performance Compare To Michael Jackson’s Motown Performance?

Beyonce performed "Who Run The World (Girls) song on the Billboard Music Awards last night and Stephen Hill, who runs BET, says we just say this generation's Michael Jackson Motown 25 performance. Hmm.

Maybe it's because I don't really like the song, but as cool as the effects and dancing was, I just don't think you can compare it to Michael's Motown moment.

What do you think?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Do role models wear dresses like that?

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  1. Hell no! Are you serious? She can’t even dance that well. Then, like others have mentioned, she had all of that computer generated stuff going on and those millions of back up dancers. If you’re going to compare performances, at least make sure they’re similar. This performance was nothing like MJ’s motown 25 performance. Why are people trying so hard to put Beyonce on Michael Jackson’s level? Damn, let it rest already. Nobody’s touching MJ. Beyonce’s just an ok dancer and an excellent singer. MJ was both a phenomenal dancer and singer, and he put on a show like I’ve never seen before or after.

  2. she was amaaazing! but back then they didnt have all that techno stuff.
    But nah, MJ ALL THE WAY !
    Nothing can compare to that. i dont think beyonce would even want to be compared to MJ. Thats like HER IDOL! so its quite silly to compare them….

  3. Hahahahaha, No Way her performance mathes up to MJ’s Classical Billie Jean performance!
    What made her performance (good) was having 50 something dancer on stage and the use of technology with the lights and screen action she had on stage.

    Its like wearing a plain black dress, to spice it up you need to add accessories Right?!
    That’s what her performance was like on the billboard awards lol
    but I still liked her performance very much of course, but she’s totally not on MJ’s level.

  4. I meant to say the “song” was HOT.

  5. Stephen Hill needs to stop smoking that stuff that made him say all that silly shit. That was a great performance, no doubt, but to compare it to MJ and the Motown25 performance? HELL NO! What made MJ’s performance so special was that the some was HOT, he performed it by himself AND he introduced a dance to the world. That song she performed is lame, it was mostly a technology driven performance and she had a million and one dancers up there. That could have been a Broadway play for all we know. Beyonce is great but she’s not MJ status……yet, so the media shouldn’t get it twisted.

  6. No comparison…at all. For one, Billie Jean is a perfect pop song, while Who Run The World is a chaotic tribal dance mess. And two, Michael didn’t need special effects to make his performance special, just the music and himself.

  7. NO!!!! and there will possibly never be another “performance” per se that will EVER be on that level.

  8. Big fat NO! Someone said this on twitter last night:
    “Fred Astaire called MJ after Motown 25… #JustSayin Tomorrow, Bey might get a call from her lacefront maker”

  9. Awful. Comparing this to Michael Jackson’s Motown 25 performance is absolutely deranged.

  10. Not sure her “performance” was on MJ’s level…. But, that was one of the most innovative live multimedia productions I’ve ever seen… Very cool stuff.

  11. What? No!

  12. Hell no!

  13. ahhh….no.

  14. Good question, but it’s hard to see Beyonce on a platform as MJ. She’s amazing, but MJ is MJ.

  15. No

  16. I agree with you on that one. A good performance of a mediocre song does not compare to a great performance of a great song.

  17. I don’t recall Michael’s performance, but I didn’t find Beyonce’s performance any good.

  18. Why is she being compared to Michael Jackson? (!!) She’s light years away from being ANYTHING close to Michael Jackson!

  19. ummm no.

  20. Stephen Hill Is On Crack. That is all.

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