Video Premiere: David Choi “By My Side”

Here is "By My Side" by David Choi with a video starring Jenny Ong.  It is a good song and the video may be simplistic, but I am digging that teleportation door.  If we only all had one, to travel distances to.  Ahh.

Also, digging the double message of her giving him the key to her heart to unlock the door to get to her.  I'm not reading into that am I?  Ahh.  The romantic at heart comes out instead of the sexual fool.  Can that just be our little secret out there?  Thanks.

Check out "By My Side" and I think you will agree, David Choi's message gets across in a great song and a thinking outside the box video.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Wong Fu Productions?

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  1. Oh man, I remember David Choi. Thought he disappeared and had to get a real job, lol. Nice to see he still pushing at getting his name out there in the music industry. Tough when you’re an asian dude trying to make it big in the american music industry where only white or black counts, anyone else or race doesnt matter… sad to say. He used to do indie versions and covers of mainstream songs back 5-6 yrs ago. He still looks like a 14yr old kid, never grows up. He needs braces now. Never noticed he had crooked teeth when he was younger. Not as good looking as he used now that he’s aged and has wider facial structures. However, he is a good songwriter and indie style producer. Big in the westernized asian – white communities and on line forums. Just never got that big break he always wanted. Man, he is short. Never noticed that. Must be like 5’2″ max, lol.

  2. Truly enjoyed it

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