Premiere: Jennifer Lopez “I Luh Ya PaPi” Video

Jennifer Lopez Photo: Cosmopolitan Latina

Believe or not, Jennifer Lopez is about to release her 10th album. The first single is "I Luh Ya PaPi" and she wears an outfit that wants you to remember that Grammy Versace dress.

J. Lo still looks hot but if you were expecting her to dance in this video, think again. Oh, she drops it a few times but it is about showing off the fellas in this video.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Interesting that the video is supposed to be objectifying men but Lopez ends up on the ground under French Montana while he raps. Hmm.


Safe Travels: MAX Debuts “Have A Nice Flight” Video

MAX Promo Photo

International rock star and TV personality MAX has unveiled his official music video for the single "Have a Nice Flight," which is also available on iTunes today. The video was co-directed by Craig Fanning, and portrays a crazed pilot dancing on a plummeting plane and fraternizing with the stewardess crew and other women on the flight.


MAX has played for millions of fans throughout Europe over the past decade and has been seen on numerous TV shows. His over the top style is a unique mix of high-octane party rock combined with outlandish humor.

"My inspiration for the song and video came from my last tour. One time, I got locked in the bathroom with a stewardess. While we were stuck in there, the song just came to me. In this video, I play a pilot who's so dumb that he gets himself locked out of the cockpit because he was entertaining a stewardess in the mile high club."

The memorable tongue and cheek lyrics combined with a driving rock groove make "Have a Nice Flight" the perfect blend to debut MAX's signature sound, drawing influences from classic rock acts like AC/DC, Aerosmith, and even KISS.-DocFB

Diagnosis: In April, MAX will follow up his debut single with a new track entitled "My Name is Dick," produced by two-time Grammy award winning producer Howard Benson.


Therapy! EMINEM Releases “Monster” Video Featuring RIHANNA!


EMINEM has just released the video for "Monster" featuring Rihanna.

Eminem appears to be going through his greatest hits showing him performing with Elton John and then recreates his "My Name Is" video where he is in a straight jacket with Dr. Dre looking over him again.

Em then goes back to 8 Mile to "Lose Yourself" and this time the music is not in the moment.

The next flashback sees him performing at the Grammy's with Elton John, using highlights from the actual show interjected with someone as Elton John when they hug. I know someone will say that is Elton now but it is not.

The last flash back shows the Eminem of now looking at the Eminem of then, the angry Eminem. The only person that could take out the Eminem of now. He is not that angry anymore. He cannot compete with that Em. It seems he doesn't want to and walks away.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Great video. Makes us like the song more than we did.


New Kanye West Video Starring Kim Kardashian “Bound 2″ Is…Um..Yea

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Screen Cap: www.rap-up.com

Kanye West appeared on Ellen to debut his new video "Bound 2" which stars his baby mama Kim Kardashian. A rap video debut on Ellen? is Sophia Grace and Rosie behind this?

Warning! This is the EXPLICIT version of the video! click here to see the video!


Creepy? Rihanna Releases Video For “What Now”

Rihanna Photo: DrFunkenberry

Rihanna has released a video for "What Now" which the pop singer says is "Eery and creepy" while we think it is kinda trippy and cool.

She seems to be wearing more clothes than she has worn in her previous videos. Not sure if that is eery or creepy.

Check out the video for "What Now"...now!-DocFB

Diagnosis: What's up with the bugs?


Cage The Elephant Release Artistic Video For “Come A Little Closer”

Cage The Elephant Screen Cap

Cage The Elephant have released a video for "Come A Little Closer" their huge rock hit.

All the animation was hand drawn by lead singer Matt Shultz.

it’s pretty trippy with lots of stunning visuals. The song itself (off their latest album Melophobia) just made it to #1 on the Alt charts, which is the 4th time they’ have achieved that.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Ready for their close up....


Video Premiere! “Breakfast Can Wait” By PRINCE! Dig In & Watch Now!

Breakfast Can Wait teaser

PRINCE has released the video for "Breakfast Can Wait" by Danielle Curiel! Check it out!

Everyone should be able to see the video now!

The song is available for purchase and 3rdEyeTunes.com


Diagnosis: Are your eyes finally open or still wide shut?


Innocence Lost Is Found Again In Janelle Monae’s & Miguel’s Video For “PrimeTime! Watch Now!

Janelle Monae & Miguel Primetime Cover Photo: JMonae.com

Janelle Monae has outdone herself in her new video "PrimeTime" featuring Miguel!

Here is the description of what is taking place in the video:

PrimeTime is a love story based on the early adventures of Cindi Mayweather (Janelle Monáe) and her first love Joey Vice (Miguel.) The Emotion Picture gives a glimpse at Cindi's humble beginnings as a "cyber-server" at the Electric Sheep nightclub, a syn bar serving high-class "show droids" to the rich and lonely in a dangerous section of Metropolis known as Slop City. Incidentally, the innovative cybersoul music played at the club directly impacted Cindi, and she began singing and performing her own innovative compositions a short time after quitting this assignment. In addition, Cindi became determined to change the public perception of what an electric lady could be, dream and aspire to after working in the dismal conditions at the club.

Interesting. The song is sexual...we all get that. The video however, shows a Cindi working at a seedy place and wanting to escape with Joey. No skirt hiking. No banging against the wall. Aside from a brush against the face and holding hands, it doesn't go further. In the song, you know where it is heading. If you want to hike up her skirt and bang your girl against the wall while the song is played, go right ahead. The vision of what Janelle is laying down doesn't take it that way as again, the music implies it.

Digging it. Big time! Kudos and LOVE to Janelle.

If you don't have that "Electric Lady" yet, I don't know what to say to you!-DocFB

Diagnosis: So who will be playing Anthony?


Angel Haze Releases Video For “Echelon (It’s My Way)” With Dog The Bounty Hunter!

Angel Haze Promo Photo

Angle Haze has released a video for "Echelon (It's My Way)" with her new album coming soon on Universal Republic. This will be her major label debut and will be entitled "Dirty Gold" when it is released later this year.

Angel's rap flow is getting people to call her one of the greatest female rappers of all time. Her music was featured in the summer hit "Heat" starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Keep your eyes and ears on Angel Haze for real!!