Prince’s Welcome 2 America Tour Continues In Europe!

Prince & Andy Allo. Photo: Copyright NPG Records 2011
Prince & Andy Allo. Photo: Copyright NPG Records 2011

Prince & Andy Allo. Photo: Copyright NPG Records 2011

Prince's Welcome 2 America Tour has been taking on Europe and is set to continue.  Next stops are Luxembourg and a couple of shows in Italy.

Here is a shot sent to us of Prince and Andy Allo backstage at the North Sea Jazz Festival 3 minutes prior to the final concert there. 

Prince and Andy are both dressed in Roberto Cavalli. Prince and Andy are looking quite cool.  What's that spell?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Posin' Til Closin'

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  1. Crazy! Andy is OK but no great performer, ok singer, and terrible guitar player. But I am sure that Prince has other plans for her that don’t include music. Just want to know how old this young lady is, and I wish Prince would leave the girlfriends backstage.

  2. He looks like a bug. WTF

  3. Absolutely love that pic of them..matching outfits and all!

  4. Wow really nice hippy clothes 🙂

  5. I agree with André … it was a great experience to watch “Girl” unfold. Prince instructing the band what to do was a joy to watch, especially since I always wish I could see him at soundchecks and rehearsals. This was a nice glimpse of how it is. :o)

    And it was wonderful to see Prince so obviously happy! And all three concerts were amazing, especially the rock guitar one on Saturday! Mind blowing!!! Prince is the best!!!!

  6. Thanks Doc … Nice picture I kinda like the glasses Prince has been sporting … reminds me of the shades he wore in Purple Rain

  7. Where did the “couple of shows in Italy” come from ?
    Should be just one – no? at the Umbria Jazz festival 11 in Perugia, Italy on July 15th.

    But who knows with Prince 🙂

    3 days with incredible artists and performances all ending with the one and only Prince doing a very different show each night.

    Andy Allo is a SUPERSTAR. From the opening the first night of “Foxy Lady”… she blew our minds. She is super talented and they have some serious chemistry on stage which only makes the show even better as they are so much in sync and there is a lot of interaction back and forth between them on stage. “When we’re dancing

    Anyway, Prince seems incredible happy and his band is tighter than ever. (John Blackwell on drums, Ida Nielsen aka basIda on the bas, Cassandra on piano doing incredible intros to “Joy in repetition” etc., Shelby and Liv adding some very powerful and soulful vocals as well as doing a lot of dancing and Mr Hayes playing those funky samples and keyboard) If you also add in Maceo Parker to the mix you get an all star line-up of top notch musicians that will give you some incredible performances that you will remember for the rest of your life.

    Last night they even went into rehearsal mode which was incredible to see. Prince giving queues and direction to the band slowly building up a slow, sexy & jazzy groove: “Blackwell feather kick – feather”. “Ida bass”, “Morris ..” “Cassy – on the one” etc. before adding the vocals of “Girl” the cool and sexy B-side which rarely if ever has been played live. That was unbelievable cool to watch and experience.

    Unfortunately there are no twins on this tour and Elisa is focusing on other things for a while.

  8. In his 6th July concert in Ghent (Belgium), Prince told us Andy was always in his hair.
    I also thank Andy for the funky drawing she offered me.

  9. better if it came to Australia, hopefully

  10. Man, Andy killed at Troubadour. So glad Prince is launching her proper.

  11. So is Andy Allo Prince’s girlfriend now? If so, what happened to Bria Vallente?

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that Prince looks like a Gypsy Pirate in this photo?

  13. @Stephan Thanks for the info on the lineup

  14. lovely couple 😉

  15. Wonderful picture.

  16. especially when they played ‘when we are dancing close and slow’. She sounded as it should be for a love ballad. In Love.

  17. “a couple of shows in Italy”? I heard there will be just one show in Perugia. What’s the other?

  18. Doc,great photo of Prince & Andy, Legend &West video ok, Minaj lovers quarrel, Halle & daughter are safe what a blessing now hope the law will keep the Jackson children safe too . Thank u Doc

  19. Saw both of ‘m at the North Sea Jazz festivals, three nights in a row. Legendary! Andy joined the NPG on guitar and vocals. She doesn’t only look good…

  20. The three shows at the North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) were completely different. Setlists can be found on setlist.fm. Besides Andy Allo as backing vocals (and guitar/piano) Shelby J and Cassandra were also the backing vocals. Bass guitarist was/is Ida Nielsen and drummer was/is John Blackwell. On keyboards Morris Hayes. Guest performer on all three nights was Maceo Parker and on the first night there was Larry Graham and on the second night Seal.

  21. Hummm..very nice couple.

  22. was thrilled to see him (5th time) at the Montreal jazz fest in June. Funkin’ amazing! #Prince

  23. cool Doc

  24. Nice picture Doc. Is Andy the backup singer for the European tour? Are Shelby J, The Twinz and/or that other backup singer in Europe? Just curious. Sure miss those Forum shows. Wish I had gone to more!

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