J.Lo’s Video Hunk William Levy Separates From Wife Before J. Lo Divorce Announcement

William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. File Photo
William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. File Photo

William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. File Photo

Ok, so this is interesting.  Jennifer Lopez and William Levy filmed her hot video "I'm Into You" sometime in April.  In May, Levy's wife announced she is leaving him.  No reason was given, but it sounds like he was cheating. 

Levy's wife of 8 years, Elizabeth Gutierrez released this statement;

Insistent rumors aside, I've always stood next to William because back then I never had a reason to doubt the strength of our union. I have decided to end this relationship for the well-being of my children and myself. I must confess this wasn't an easy decision, but as a person, a women and a mother, I owe myself respect.

Very interesting.  We must point out that the last time Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were seen together was in early June for a charity event in New York.  All other public appearances have been made alone or with her mother by her side like when the Royal Couple was in town.

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We are not saying anything other than right now, Jennifer Lopez and William Levy made a hot video together, that Levy's wife is leaving him, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are on their way to divorce.

Jennifer Lopez rarely makes a jump unless someone is in place.  That is a fact that is known.  We just want Jennifer and her kids to be happy.  As for Marc?  No comment.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Things That Make You Go.....HMMM


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  1. i love this song is the best song even i have seen william levy in really i love u xxxxxxx

  2. William is hot and can do whoever he wants.for the wife to file for divorce,she’d been looking for a way out way b4 this video.come to Uganda and get urself a hot Mrs Gutierrez. We stick by our men and Levy is soooooo MAN.

    Te amor Wil.

  3. Ilove you so much because you are the best
    Me i live in Algeria (in oran)

  4. Te amo William eres un buen actor

  5. they are 2gether no denying William is Fu*king hot and gets to be with good chicks on Spanish soap operas

  6. u know wat William, no matter wat happens I still love your character as a gentle man en hard luck!!!!!!

  7. “Get over it”? There’s really nothing to get over, Hotguy. And, as for calling Marc a “controlling, insecure little man”, that’s not cool. EVERYBODY his insecurities but to call Marc a “little” man is mean spirited to say the least. When it comes to Marc & Jennifer, were you living at their home, around them 24/7 and in their bedroom? I doubt that. And, even though you and JLo are “great friends”, if you’re not actually them, you don’t know everything that goes on and exactly how it goes down because there are always TWO sides to every story. No relationship is perfect and especially when you’re dealing with two very passionate, artistic, talented, demanding people. And, Bonita, I didn’t mean to say that Will wasn’t a gentlemen or to be judged just on looks. It seems though, that just because a man is handsome and built and in a video with Jennifer Lopez that the media immediately latch onto to the idea she is cheating with him. I mean, if he looked like John Goodman, would the media think that? I doubt it. And, while Will IS eye candy and a dime a dozen in the modeling worlds, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have substance on many other levels. People and the media do judge on looks. That’s just a reality that’s hard to get away from.

  8. Will and I had a great relationship before he was married to Liz, we became good friends and lovers for a number of years. He is an absolute gentleman that cares about people it’s unfortunate that some judge and base an opinion just because he’s gorgeous. I wish him well with any future relationships including one with Jlo if that so happens.
    Love always M

  9. Jlo and i are great friends. Marc is a ontroling insecure little man. Jlo and Wil did not sleep together..they just did a sexy great video..agreed he is nice to look at , but that’s it! Jlo and marc had issues..get over it!

  10. hiiiiii
    that was so beautiful tnx

  11. Jennifer Lopez may have had men in place before when she split from someone. Don’t know if that would ALWAYS be the case. While William Levy has worked hard on developing his assets, I don’t see that he would be a person to dump your marriage and hurt your children over. It’s a music video. Levy was cast because he’s ultra handsome, buff and to be a romantic “eye candy” lead in her video. Even if an affair DID happen, it’s Hollywood, baby. These celebrities need to realize that ultimately when you’re getting close and comfy in movies or videos, something may, eventually happen. Doesn’t mean either side should end marriages over it. Even IF William cheated, and I’m not sure anything went down other than a jealous wife who doesn’t want her man hanging all over a scantily clad and wet J’Lo, I think his wife should’ve had the respect for her children NOT to divorce. At the end of the day, as long as the one you love’s head is on your pillow in bed at night, in Hollywood, sometimes major slack needs to be given. Being monogamous in the ultra-unreal world of Tinseltown is incredibly hard to do. Can be done. Personally, while Levy may be good to look at, if I was in J’Lo’s shoes, at the end of the day, when shooting’s wrapped, I’m going back home to Marc Anthony and my twins. William Levy is just another piece of eye candy. Dime a dozen in the entertainment and modeling worlds.

  12. you know that’s not even nice.

  13. Interesting..

  14. That dude is hot. And I could never marry a guy who wears a smaller pant size than me! Seriously! #marcanthonyistooskinnyewww

  15. you’re gonna make me cry, @drfunkenberry too bad 4 the kids. All that trouble they went through. :-(

  16. drfunkenberry I think her Life is bigger than His and I bet that got 2 b and issue! Happens! probs Not about the dude at all!

  17. Issues.

  18. Cris Judd anyone?

  19. JLo is gearing up to be the Puerto Rican Liz Taylor.

  20. guess J.Lo has a fine one now.

  21. What a surprise!! Not!!

  22. Not a good look.

  23. @Sharon

    I worked on a J-ho excuse me J-lo movie b4, She doesn’t allow any females to look at her or look better than her or they will be sent home. Which some were.

  24. Sorry I have not ever been a fan of JLo she’s self-absorbed and difficult to work with. This has been said by many who have worked with her on a set. Marc I like and hope ppl don’t blame him for this if it’s true. This is what is wrong with Hollywood so much temptation for these stars that’s why most marriages don’t last.

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