J.Lo’s Video Hunk William Levy Separates From Wife Before J. Lo Divorce Announcement

William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. File Photo
William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. File Photo

William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. File Photo

Ok, so this is interesting.  Jennifer Lopez and William Levy filmed her hot video "I'm Into You" sometime in April.  In May, Levy's wife announced she is leaving him.  No reason was given, but it sounds like he was cheating. 

Levy's wife of 8 years, Elizabeth Gutierrez released this statement;

Insistent rumors aside, I've always stood next to William because back then I never had a reason to doubt the strength of our union. I have decided to end this relationship for the well-being of my children and myself. I must confess this wasn't an easy decision, but as a person, a women and a mother, I owe myself respect.

Very interesting.  We must point out that the last time Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were seen together was in early June for a charity event in New York.  All other public appearances have been made alone or with her mother by her side like when the Royal Couple was in town.

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We are not saying anything other than right now, Jennifer Lopez and William Levy made a hot video together, that Levy's wife is leaving him, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are on their way to divorce.

Jennifer Lopez rarely makes a jump unless someone is in place.  That is a fact that is known.  We just want Jennifer and her kids to be happy.  As for Marc?  No comment.-Dr.FB

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Video: J. Lo Featuring Lil Wayne “I’m Into You” Version 2

Here is version 2 of "I'm Into You" by J.Lo and Lil Wayne. This time, Lil Wayne is actually in the video.

Check it out above n let us know if you are feeling it.-Dr.FB

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Video Premiere: New J.Lo & Lil Wayne “I’m Into You”

Here is the latest video from J. Lo "I'm Into You" featuring Lil Wayne.

It's pretty hot.

Side note; we took off the video premiere tag on video's last week and we video's were down by 50,000 pageviews. So, to please 1 person it's not worth it. You don't like it, tell your mom. K. Thx.

Let us know what you think of video?-Dr.FB

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Video: A Preview Of J.Lo’s New Video “I’m Into You” Hotness!

Is it 1999 all over again? Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo dropped a new snippit of her "I'm Into You" video and although it does not feature Lil Wayne in this clip, I don't think you guys are going to mind, because even without showing behind (Hey, that rhymed. Hey, so did that!) J.Lo is looking hot like soup.

Check out the clip above and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

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