Prince & Andy Allo Debut “The Cameroon” Dance Watch Now!


You asked for it, and Andy Allo & Prince provided.  Footage of Andy Allo doing the Cameroon.

Interestingly enough, Andy Allo is from Cameroon, which is a Country in West Central Africa.  We just wanted to drop that knowledge on you. 

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think.  Andy says to DO TRY THIS AT HOME.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  I Have To Come Up With A Dance Called Van Nuys

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  1. me no likey Andy. She is so…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. hi dr.
    i love the dance! saw it live in zurich where andy and prince did it 2gether! ’twas soo fun!!! in zurich she had the nicer dress ; ) the last 15 min. or so i was on stage too shaking and singing with shelby! that was so hot!!!
    eye c

  3. Andy is from Sacramento.

  4. 10,132 Likes on facebook. This tour is getting her noticed. I’m interested in seeing how far she will go doing a European tour with Prince.

  5. Does this mean his next stop on the tour is Africa?

  6. I liked it, dr F. but it was very short, I have people dancing like that the same way, but then in Surinam ! Go Andy ….

  7. I like this African style dance. Nice. TY all involved in letting us see this clip.

  8. Every tour a DVD rumor starts but never seems 2 happen.But I vision a new track called “Cameroon”

  9. SERIOUSLY, obviously that is a pro shot and audio so Prince is recording all of these. He frustrates me sooooooo much. why not release dvds of his concerts?????????? uhg!

  10. scratches head

  11. sweet

  12. What is she wearing and why?? I wanted to see a glimpse of Prince in this clip but no candy for me boo hoo

  13. Dammn that was terrible…

  14. I was there! Front row. It was ABSOLUTE FABULOUS!!!!! :))))))

  15. Yes, a webcast would be great! But also a dvd of this tour! PLEASE, Prince!!! – Can you pass that request on to Prince, Doc? ;)

  16. No just no….what is this now? Andy Allo’s PR campaign is getting really boring, and predictable. Enough is enough on this girl, it’s overkill. Now..Prince dancing to Kiss? That would be 40 seconds of my life id gladly give up. This video does nothing for me, I thought Prince was in this … that’s what the title says… pssst waste of time.

  17. u’re right Doc! They have way too much fun at those European shows!!

  18. I think it’s time for a webcast of one of his EU shows. C’mon Prince!

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