Cher Will Attend “Dancing With The Stars” To Support Chaz Bono

Cher & Lady Gaga Photo:

Cher & Lady Gaga Photo:

“Dancing With The Stars” must be happy to know that they will have one star on their show very soon; Cher! 

After all the negative bs that has come out about Chaz Bono being a dancer on the show after having a sex change operation to become a man and being the first transgendered contestant on the show, his mom Cher is fighting mad and will be there to support Chaz.

Cher will not announce what show she will attend but is making it known she will be there.

What do you think about all the “controversy” surrounding Chaz’s appearance on the show?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  We Support Chaz…But He Won’t Win It All…..



  • Redbird
    Posted at 01:23h, 08 September

    Very interesting topic Doc. I think the haters mentioned above don’t really understand what Chaz went through to get where he is now, so they revert to using family values as an excuse for their ignorance. Why can’t he be on dancing with the stars, He is as human as anyone else. he definitely shouldn’t hide from the world. He should have some fun, certainly got everyone’s attention. Glad to see Cher is supportive. I agree he probably will not win but I hope he has a good time trying.

  • Mytime
    Posted at 21:43h, 07 September

    Sorry, don’t know how auto got in my comment.

  • Mytime
    Posted at 21:40h, 07 September

    I don’t watch DWTS but will definitely pay attention as long as Chaz is on. So many haters. What do they have to fear? It disgusts me that people are using their “family values” to propogate their ignorance to their children and boycott the show. Learn about transgenders, learn about Chaz and why he made the decision to become a man.

    I admire and respect his decision and the same goes to his mother Cher, who had a tough time but loves her child nonetheless! Beautiful that she is encouraging him every auto step of the way.

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