Ellen & Cher Come To Chaz Bono’s “Dancing” Defense

Ellen had Chaz Bono on her show but before, she defended Chaz on the negative coverage he has received since joining the cast "Dancing With The Stars" and did say we should discuss more important issues.

She brought up Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez but was joking. She then had Chaz on and they got down to business.

Ellen comes to Chaz's defense like no one can. She is honest. She is upfront. She brings up points that maybe some idiots did not think about.

Then came the surprise of Cher calling in to Ellen to talk about Chaz.

We wonder when an openly gay person will appear on "Dancing With The Stars" and have a male dance partner. Hmm. We wish Cher could have been on the show with Chaz but we understand.

Like we said we before, we don't think Chaz will win it all but support HIS decision to do what he wants to do.-DocFB

Diagnosis: All Types Of Bullying Needs To STOP!


Cher Will Attend “Dancing With The Stars” To Support Chaz Bono

Cher & Lady Gaga Photo: GettyImages.com
Cher & Lady Gaga Photo: GettyImages.com

Cher & Lady Gaga Photo: GettyImages.com

"Dancing With The Stars" must be happy to know that they will have one star on their show very soon; Cher! 


Seriously? Nancy Grace To Join “Dancing With The Stars”

They are really using the word star very loosely on "Dancing With The Stars" aren't they?  Talk show host Nancy Grace is set to appear on the dancing show's upcoming season.

She joins Chaz Bono as part of the "stars" for the show.  Thank you for giving me another reason not to watch the show ABC.

What do you think of the thought of seeing Nancy Grace dance?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  We Have A Feeling She Has 2 Left Feet