Iman Tweets That David Bowie Is Fine & Healthy

David Bowie & Iman April 2011 Photo:
David Bowie & Iman April 2011 Photo:

David Bowie & Iman April 2011 Photo:

The person that knows David Bowie the best, his wife, is stating that Bowie is fine and healthy.

Iman, David Bowie’s wife, tweeted that David Bowie is fine and healthy.

The photo above is from April 2011, at a charity event for Leukemia.

I wish we could see Bowie more recently than almost 6 months ago, but it is not like he owes me, or anyone anything.

David has always been somewhat of a private celebrity, so would we be told if he wasn’t healthy?  My main thing, because I want to believe he is ok and healthy, I am believing what Iman stated.

If I have any more info on his health, I will share. For the time being however, Iman is stating he is healthy and are very happy to hear that.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Wanted to be proved wrong.  Trust me.




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  2. julia downing [england]

    thank you so much for the link..and i totally agree with your statements..i just want him to be healthy and happy, and to let us know he is okay xxx

  3. How do you like to have the Husband home all the time, drives me nuts no time to read ,play my DVD’s, watch what I want ,,thinking many Evil things ,have a Voodoo doll somewhere
    Bats [real nickname ]

  4. Pro Fan

    WE (you left that word out DR) are happy to hear David Bowie is fine and healthy. Aren’t we?

  5. Fuck You

    Bowie is awesome.

    You are not. In fact, you’re a fuckhead for even posting that shit in the first place.

    Do the whole world a favor and jump off a cliff.

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