New David Bowie “Love Is Lost” Remix Premieres; 3 Disc Collection On Way!

David Bowie Still From "Stars Are Out"

"Love Is Lost" (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) by David Bowie was released online today and will be a part of "The Next Day" a 3 disc collection set/download on November 5th.

You can listen to the 10 minute track HERE.

The set will feature the original 14 song album, a 10-track companion album with five unheard songs and two remixes, and a DVD featuring four videos from The Next Day.  A 7-track digital EP bundle will also be available.  The set is available now to pre-order.

According to Pitchfork. both Bowie and recently worked on the upcoming Arcade Fire album.-DocFB

Diagnosis: David Bowie fans must be on cloud 9 right now!


Watch Now! Adam Lambert, CHIC, & Nile Rodgers Do A Funky Cover Of “Let’s Dance” By David Bowie!

Adam Lambert, Avicii, & Nile Rodgers Photo: Avicii/Twitter

Nile Rodgers was performing a concert for the AFTEE (All For The East End) charity raising money for local non-profits. he called up Adam Lambert to cover "Let's Dance" by David Bowie!

Adam is killing the Bowie classic!! Killing! Adam is def killing it!

A new song of Adam's entitled "Lay Me Down" featuring Lavicii was also played so look for a post on that soon!!!!!-DocFB

Diagnosis: It really is pathetic that a label does not know what to do with Lambert. It makes me wish that America did get it right and chose him as the real American Idol over Kris Jenner Allen. I am not one for putting down others.  Just upset.  Hope you guys feel me.


David Bowie Releases New Video For “Valentine’s Day” Watch Now!

David Bowie Video Still By standard.co.uk

David Bowie has just released a new music video for "Valentine's Day" from his critically acclaimed "The Next Day" album.

To watch the brand new "Valentine's Day" from David Bowie, click here...


Video: “The Stars Are Out (Tonight)” Is Classic David Bowie! NSFW

David Bowie Still From "Stars Are Out"

If you were disappointed by David Bowie's first single in 10 years "We Are We Now?" like we were, we have a feeling you are going to LOVE "The Stars Are Out (Tonight)", the latest single from the legend.

It features Tilda Swinton giving us look back at a very androgynous look at David Bowie along with others inside the video clip. The clip is directed by Flora Sigismondi.

To see the NSFW video clip, please click on the continue reading button below.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Bowie Really Is Back!


David Bowie Looking Healthy & At Peace In New Photo

David Bowie Photo: Jimmy King

Jimmy King took a photo of David Bowie yesterday for his 66th birthday while eating at a Japanese restaurant. Up until yesterday, Bowie has been media shy, last appearing with wife Iman at an event back in April 2011, almost 2 years ago.

Bowie looks super serious but also looking good and stylish in this photo that Jimmy King shared today.

In case you missed it, Bowie released his first single in 10 years yesterday entitled "Where Are We Now?" that you can watch below.-DocFB

Diagnosis: For info on Bowie's upcoming album, go HERE.


David Bowie Returns With New Single “Where Are We Now?”; New Album In March!

David Bowie Promo Photo

David Bowie and his record label surprised everyone with his first new single in 10 years and an upcoming album to follow! "Where Are We Now?" is out now along with a music video. The new album "The Next Day" will be released in March.

Update:  The female in the video with Bowie is Bjork!

"Where Are We Now?" is a somber look at where we are now...as human beings and in life. Perhaps for that reason, it is somber and melancholy. Perhaps it is where he is now. Bowie, long rumored to be ill, which we reported on last year, seemed to disappear from the limelight and from what people who claimed to speak to Bowie, he has retired and is very happy. Well, it appears, everyone was wrong.

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Old School Jam Of The Moment: David Bowie & Queen “Under Pressure”

Our Old School Jam Of The Moment is "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen. For that co-worked that thinks Vanilla Ice came out with this beat before them, you have my permission to give them 5 fingers to the face.

We still haven't seen David Bowie since April 2011 and....our article on his health. Howard Stern spoke about Bowie on his radio show last week saying that Bowie has gained a lot of weight since his heart attack and is in hiding. Slash, who was Stern's guest has heard the opposite but has not seen Bowie in a while as well.

We hope you enjoy our Old School Jam Of The Moment and if you somehow read this Bowie, we all miss you.-DocFB