Get Ready For Some Lip Licking As LL Cool J To Host Grammys

Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

For the first time in 7 years, the Grammys will have a host and your tv will be spot shine clean afterwards. Your host? LL Cool J.

LL has been hosting the Grammy announcement specials for the past couple of years so it makes sense if you are going to have a host, to have him.  There will be no making fun of the musicians, just someone who does the same craft.  So no Rosie O'Donnel telling you not to thank God or some other person not qualified.

It's not the MTV Awards, where a Chris Rock gets to roast the acts like Ricky Gervais would at the Golden Globes.

I like the choice.  Hope you like it too.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Grammy's Are Feb. 12th......

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  1. Def Jam, Sugar Hill…bring them all back…

  2. aka James Todd Smith is as cool as ever! He’ll be Great! It’d be nice to see them bring out a few other Def Jam artists – Melle Mel & LL could have a posedown.

  3. @douglas That’s not a every nice thing to say.,now is it?

  4. He looks good! Will do a great job hosting! But what’s up with all the sweaty armpits?

  5. This is a “COOL” choice …. I think LL will do a great job hosting

  6. LL not-so-COOL anymore J ?? strange choice since nobody watching will even know who he is…………he should change his name to LL – OLD – J

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