Whitney’s Family Feels Bobby Brown Is After Bobbi Kristina’s $

Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo
Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo

Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo

Bobby Brown flew back to Los Angeles Sunday to be there for his daughter Bobbi Kristina after the death of her mother, Whitney Houston. Bobby still has not seen his daughter.

The family is keeping Bobby away from Bobbi Kristina because they feel that Bobby is flat broke and only wants to get close to Bobbi Kristina for Whitney's millions, that will be left to Bobbi Kristina.

So far, we have not heard any reports that Bobbi Kristina wants to see Bobby.  The family is the one protecting Bobbi from her father.

There is word that they do not even want Bobby at Whitney's funeral this weekend, due to be held Saturday in Newark, New Jersey.

Bobby Brown left New Edition on tour to be with Bobbi Kristina.  4 days have went by and no contact has been made.

We do not want to speculate but we have a feeling if Bobbi Kristina wanted to see her father, Bobby Brown, she would have already.

Do you think it is fair what the family is doing?-DocFB

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  1. I think this is bullshyt. People forget that even though they are celebrities they are still just people. This girl has lost her mother. The only parent she has left is her father. Whitney’s family are the ones who are after the money if you ask me. Her daughter is on a path that will soon lead her to a path waking up dead just like her mother. This is just an all around bad situation

  2. At some point in our lives we have to leave all things up to god. Bobby was whitney husband for years no matter what we as people think or feel. Yall all know she would want bobby there as he should be. Thats her king of pop. Lets pray for all. Lbc. Oakland lisa

  3. I pray this story isnt true but youre usually are correct. Bobbi Kristina need her dad.

  4. very fair……..deadbeat druggie dad trying to get in on the $ action

  5. This is such a sad time and I feel no matter way the mother and father went through its a mother and wife gone a d he should b able to stand with his child at thus time and let GOD handle the. Rest. Praying for the family that the LORD HAS AND HAVES HIS. WAY

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