Flashback Friday Jam! “Every Little Step” By Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown Every Little Step Screen Cap: live.drjays.com

The Flashback Friday Jam is "Every Little Step" by Bobby Brown. The song hit number 3 back in 1989.

The hits that Bobby Brown was putting out at the time, there was discussion of who was the better dancer, Bobby or Michael Jackson. Seriously.

When you talk about New Jack Swing, you have to bring up "Every Little Step" by Bobby.

Every Little Step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady from Mike Tyson

A few years ago, Funny or Die remade "Every Little Step" with Wayne Brady & Mike Tyson featuring Bobby Brown!! Crazy fun and crazy cool.

Check out both videos for Flashback Friday!-DocFB

Diagnosis: The Doc was good to good to go solo....


Bobby Brown Enters Rehab….”I Can’t Do It On My Own”

Bobby Brown. Photo: Usmagazine.com Bobby Brown. Photo: Usmagazine.com

Bobby Brown has just entered rehab for alcohol addiction. The 43 year old has admitted to friends he "just can't do it on his own" anymore.

The R&B singer just completed a tour with his former band-mates New Edition and suffered the loss of his ex-wife Whitney Houston back in February and appeared on Ellen where he opened up about how her death affected him.

Since Whitney's death, he married longtime girlfriend Alicia Etheridge, who says that Bobby is doing well.-DocFB


Bobby Brown Goes Heart To Heart With Ellen About Whitney…And We Believe Him!

Ellen DeGeneres is the best interviewer ever. Seriously. After what has happened to Whitney Houston and his actions, we don't exactly have mad love for Bobby Brown. Yet, after watching Ellen, we feel his loss.

He talks about the flack he received performing the night of Whitney's death. I never fully understood why he did get grief for that. The comments a few days later where he said he is still "Bad ass Bobby Brown" was a little bit more offensive.

"She worked hard. Played hard. Lived hard. Loved hard" Bobby explained to Ellen about Whitney.

This whole reality show that Whitney Houston and even with Bobby's own show leaves a bad taste in our mouths. For one moment though, we felt Bobby's loss. Ellen really does humanize people.-DocFB


Bobby Brown To Attend Whitney’s Funeral; Resume Tour

Bobby Brown. Photo: Usmagazine.com
Bobby Brown. Photo: Usmagazine.com

Bobby Brown. Photo: Usmagazine.com

Bobby Brown will be allowed to attend the funeral of his late ex-wife Whitney Houston on Saturday. He will rejoin New Edition on tour later that night.

Bobby Brown left the New Edition tour on Sunday to be there for his and the late singer's daughter, Bobbi Kristina.  We are being told that Bobby still has not seen his daughter as her family feels he is only trying to get close to her for the money she stands to gain from her mother's passing.

We have not heard if it is Bobbi Kristina who does not want to see her father although you would be led to assume that is the case.

Since Whitney's passing, her record sales have selling very well.

Bobby will attend the funeral in New Jersey and then fly to Connecticut to perform with the band that night.-DocFB


Whitney’s Family Feels Bobby Brown Is After Bobbi Kristina’s $

Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo
Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo

Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo

Bobby Brown flew back to Los Angeles Sunday to be there for his daughter Bobbi Kristina after the death of her mother, Whitney Houston. Bobby still has not seen his daughter.

The family is keeping Bobby away from Bobbi Kristina because they feel that Bobby is flat broke and only wants to get close to Bobbi Kristina for Whitney's millions, that will be left to Bobbi Kristina.

So far, we have not heard any reports that Bobbi Kristina wants to see Bobby.  The family is the one protecting Bobbi from her father.

There is word that they do not even want Bobby at Whitney's funeral this weekend, due to be held Saturday in Newark, New Jersey.

Bobby Brown left New Edition on tour to be with Bobbi Kristina.  4 days have went by and no contact has been made.

We do not want to speculate but we have a feeling if Bobbi Kristina wanted to see her father, Bobby Brown, she would have already.

Do you think it is fair what the family is doing?-DocFB


Bobby Brown Leaves New Edition Tour To Be With Bobbi Kristina

Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo
Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo

Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina. File Photo

Bobby Brown powered through last night's concert with New Edition following the death of his ex-wife Whitney Houston. Today, he left the tour to be there for daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

As we previosuly reported, Bobbi Kristina is not taking the death of her mom very well at all.  She has been to the hospital twice in the past 24 hours for anxiety and stress over the loss of her mom.

New Edition obviously understands why Bobby needs to leave the tour, unlike reasons in the past.  The tour started this weekend.

We are glad someone is going to be there for that girl.  Bobby has turned his life around in recent years and that girl needs someone solid in her life right now.-DocFB


Old School Jam Of The Moment: New Edition “Cool It Now”

The old school jam of the moment is "Cool It Now" by New Edition.

The band is having its 30th year reunion with the tour starting this weekend with Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gil, Ricky Bell, Ralph Tresvant and Michael Bivins all along for the tour.

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