Whitney Houston Special “A Death In The Family” To Air Grammy Weekend

Whitney Houston File Photo

Can it really be almost a year since we lost Whitney Houston? The Grammys still went on the next day after losing the music legend, but a new special entitled "The Show Will Go On: A Death In The Family" will show what changes and tributes were made due to Houston's passing.

The show will air on Saturday night Feb. 9th and will be an hour tribute to the songstress airing at 10 P.M.

They will be showing never before seen rehearsal footage from those performances and behind the scenes interviews with Grammy artists talking about Whitney.

The special also includes personal accounts of the day's occurrences and Whitney Houston's passing by Clive Davis, Dave Grohl, Jennifer Hudson, host LL COOL J, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, and Joe Walsh.

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Alicia Keys Releases Details On Upcoming New Album “Girl On Fire”

This is VERY good news! Not only do we have upcoming albums from No Doubt, Green Day, and Pink on the way, Alicia Keys announced she is recording new material!

She posted this on AliciaKeys.com and talked about her growth not just as an artist, but as a woman;


Bobby Brown Enters Rehab….”I Can’t Do It On My Own”

Bobby Brown. Photo: Usmagazine.com Bobby Brown. Photo: Usmagazine.com

Bobby Brown has just entered rehab for alcohol addiction. The 43 year old has admitted to friends he "just can't do it on his own" anymore.

The R&B singer just completed a tour with his former band-mates New Edition and suffered the loss of his ex-wife Whitney Houston back in February and appeared on Ellen where he opened up about how her death affected him.

Since Whitney's death, he married longtime girlfriend Alicia Etheridge, who says that Bobby is doing well.-DocFB


New “Sparkle” Trailer Hits The Internets

Here is the latest trailer for "Sparkle" featuring the late Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, and Cee Lo Green.

They say this is the most anticipated musical event of the summer. Are there any other musical's coming out this summer?

Just curious. What do you think of the new trailer?-DocFB

UPDATE: We were reminded Rock Of Ages is opening soon. So there is another musical. Which one is more anticipated?


Tyler Perry Denies Bobbi Kristina Rumor; “Leave This Baby Alone”

Bobbi Kristina & Tyler Perry. Photo: GettyImages.com
Bobbi Kristina & Tyler Perry. Photo: GettyImages.com

Bobbi Kristina & Tyler Perry. Photo: GettyImages.com

Tyler Perry is denying earlier reports that Bobbi Kristina walked off the set of his show "For Better Or Worse" last week.  His reason?  You cannot walk off a show that already finished production which the show has.

Tyler also posted on his web site to "leave this child alone and stop the lies please" about this story.

Perry shared a story about talking with Bobbi Kristina after Whitney Houston's funeral about what she wanted to do with her career and Tyler set up the role for her.

Tyler also said "if this was your daughter, wouldn't you want that?"

Yes, Tyler, we would.  We also don't think she should be doing a reality show right now.  It is too soon.-DocFB


Bobbi Kristina Quits Tyler Perry Show; Not Over Death Of Mother Whitney Houston

Bobbi Kristina Brown. File Photo
Bobbi Kristina Brown. File Photo

Bobbi Kristina Brown. File Photo

Bobbi Kristina has walked off the set of "For Better or Worse", the Tyler Perry TV show that airs on TBS.

Bobbi walked off the set last week, claiming she is not over the death of her mother Whitney Houston.  She only filmed a couple of episodes before quitting the show.

Bobbi is still filming her own reality TV show for Lifetime TV, where her reps say the filming is less stressful for her.

Perry's people are not commenting on her walk off but are having to re-write future episodes to explain the characters disappearance. The only thing they will say is that they are frustrated but support Bobbi Kristina fully.

It is being reported that Perry spoke with Bobbi Kristina privately about the situation.  Perry let the Houston family use his private jet to travel Whitney's body from L.A. to where she was laid to rest.

Kristina was being paid $30,000 per episode.  Although it is being reported that Whitney died broke, her estate has made quite a pretty penny for Bobbi Kristina, the sole heir to Whitney's millions.-DocFB

UPDATE:  Tyler Perry is denying the story and saying to leave this child alone.  Please see updated story on site.


Bobby Brown Goes Heart To Heart With Ellen About Whitney…And We Believe Him!

Ellen DeGeneres is the best interviewer ever. Seriously. After what has happened to Whitney Houston and his actions, we don't exactly have mad love for Bobby Brown. Yet, after watching Ellen, we feel his loss.

He talks about the flack he received performing the night of Whitney's death. I never fully understood why he did get grief for that. The comments a few days later where he said he is still "Bad ass Bobby Brown" was a little bit more offensive.

"She worked hard. Played hard. Lived hard. Loved hard" Bobby explained to Ellen about Whitney.

This whole reality show that Whitney Houston and even with Bobby's own show leaves a bad taste in our mouths. For one moment though, we felt Bobby's loss. Ellen really does humanize people.-DocFB