PRINCE Is A Free Agent As He & Universal End Publishing Deal

PRINCE and Universal Music Publishing have reached a mutual agreement in terminating their long standing publishing deal, Kiran Sharma announced this morning. The deal may have ended weeks ago but an announcement was not made until today.

PRINCE is also not signed to any record labels as well and considers himself a free agent when Drfunkenberry spoke to him about this late last month.

Sharma added “this is a great opportunity for PRINCE to consider fresh and new ideas for all his music.”

PRINCE expressed interest in trying new mediums to release music and relished in being totally a free agent.

PRINCE’s publishing is quite vast, spanning 35 years of hit music for himself and many hits for others.  His hit albums include but are not limited to are: Musicology, 1999, Sign O’ The Times, Diamonds and Pearls, Parade, Around the World in a Day, Emancipation, Purple Rain, and the Batman Soundtrack.

He is currently producing the new Andy Allo “Superconductor” record set for release later this year.-DocFB

Question: In what new medium would you like to see PRINCE’s music released?



  • Positivity
    Posted at 04:28h, 11 July

    I am sure Prince is going to come up with something great! All this negativity is not helping (referring to first post here). Congrats to Prince – if that is what he wanted, it’s great!!

  • LexAve456
    Posted at 17:51h, 10 July

    I want very much to be excited about this but I’m not. Prince knows how to jack up a good thing and he’s going to jack this up too. I love him dearly and I will always remain a diehard fan of his, but I love the truth and Prince don’t give 2 shits what we fans want and that is hurting him but he doesn’t care. This is smoke and mirrors. What good is any kind of suggestions when he isn’t going to listen to any of them? I want his music to be everywhere, old and new, but Prince will doing everything to keep his music far from reach other than the hits and it’s depressing. He won’t work with anyone who has any real music knowledge, he’s too busy trying to prove that he can do stuff himself when truth is he can’t and he shouldn’t do everything alone. I just see him picking a publishing company that will make his music even harder to find. Him being a JW makes things even worse cause logic and reason go far out the window and God Himself knows that with certain things, you need logic and reason to get things done properly. I don’t know I just see this as another opportunity for Prince to do something fantastic with his music but yet will let it slip right through his hands for the umpteenth time. Just a “Sign O’ The Times” 4 u. 🙁

  • Allison
    Posted at 15:11h, 10 July

    With everybody talking about wanting to be free of this and free of that, maybe Liv had a good point with her new song. Congrats to Prince taking control of his music and brand!!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:09h, 10 July

    With everybody talking about wanting to be free of this and free of that, maybe Liv had a good point with her new song. Congrats to Prince taking control of his music and brand!!!

  • Mr. Nobody
    Posted at 13:35h, 10 July

    #what now?

  • Aline Diop
    Posted at 12:15h, 10 July

    Designer (clothes Interior Cars, towns…) Coach, Teach, Opening schools, Singing dolls, toys, Playmobils, Troy… Architecture, Hotel restaurant bar discothèques… TV Channel, Music Channel on the web, on TV, apps, and so on…<3

  • ANDROGYNINE Continues...
    Posted at 10:22h, 10 July

    Prince should do another independent film, that would show case new music. A narrative film. Like Purple Rain but not Purple Rain. He should play a character who has completely lost his way but finds his new direction with the help of someone who is also going through the trails of life. There connection is what helps see them through.

    With him being older and much wiser he could bring so much dept to a character. He would have to let go of himself and really be free for this character.

    He should introduce new characters like he did with PR and UTCM. He should also make his character more human and let go of the Rock Star image he has of himself. This would be the perfect time to reinvent himself. He has nothing to prove anymore as Prince.

    Prince if you really want to be free. BE FREE be someone else for a minute. 🙂

    just a though.

    Can Prince be anything other that Prince? Now That is a true Challenge for an artist of his caliber. Digg deeper.

  • Starbuck
    Posted at 08:49h, 10 July

    bring it on vinyl re-issues, extra tracks !!!

  • Jan Underhill
    Posted at 05:13h, 10 July

    In light of last post, I rest my case! (@Marc Horree) … and that’s a whole other debate.

  • Marc Horree
    Posted at 04:59h, 10 July

    I think Prince should go back to Warner Bros. They were able to select the right songs for each record they released. Only in this way Prince will get back the success he once had.

  • Jan Underhill
    Posted at 03:37h, 10 July

    This is a publishing deal being talked about, not a record deal! It’s interesting to people within the industry but most of you punters won’t be affected by this in terms of what Prince releases or doesn’t release: he’s been a “free agent” to do this for years and years. Publishing will affect the way royalties are collected on his music, and may push for his music to be in films – it doesn’t affect how he releases music or what he releases!

  • Jan Underhill
    Posted at 03:26h, 10 July

    this has nothing to do with releasing albums!

  • Jan Underhill
    Posted at 03:25h, 10 July

    He’s always been a free agent! come on!

  • Mirri
    Posted at 01:18h, 10 July

    Cool new album coming I hope 🙂 Congrats 2 Prince
    Thanx 4 the news Doc

  • Chris Webb
    Posted at 01:15h, 10 July

    Q: In what new medium would you like to see PRINCE’s music released?
    A: Any and frequently!

  • cathye o
    Posted at 22:02h, 09 July

    how about television. a concert & then phone number to call & order cd, album. etc. info commercials. shopping channels. cd with major newspapers around the globe & music mags. responsible foot soldier fans to help out. i volunteer. ads on you tube. ads on email, like yahoo,etc. the greatest artist there ever was, we need to mobilize & help.

  • XtianInMN
    Posted at 21:56h, 09 July

    Remasters are the last thing on my wish list. Yeah I’d like to hear some of the older albums with a remastered sound, but I wouldn’t pay much for it. I have all the old albums(cd’s, mp3’s, vinyl, tapes) so why would I want to buy yet another version of them?
    A new album, live cd’s, and unreleased songs will always be my favorite Prince music.
    So here are a couple ideas I’ve been thinking about the last couple months:

    Start a new XM/Sirius station…satellite Prince radio with no commercials. Call it…what else? “WNPG”!! Stir the pot man! Have a contracted team run and program it, or whenever he feels the urge, Prince himself runs the show: Live jams, unreleased songs, album songs/singles/remixes, new concert dates, or maybe a mix of songs or another artist Prince feels close to -similar to the NPGMC audio shows. Think of the possibilities: Prince, George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, The Time, Sheila E, related artists, and funk/R&B/soul around the clock.

    My other idea is to start a new website with a lifetime fee of $30, similar to the NPGMC. Stream music all day: new songs, older material, live concerts, new album promo’s, play entire albums, etc. Add a DJ to keep it fresh. New cd’s, live recordings, new concert dates. I wouldn’t go the route of downloads(compressed music is awful IMO). Revenue to run the site will come from new CD’s/DVD’s/singles sold via the website, or thru an Amazon-like site. Same thing with concert tickets. Promote them on the site and then do pre-sales thru ticketmaster, using a promo code provided by the site.
    (Better yet, email me. I’ve got all kinds of ideas to get the Purple Funk to the Purple Freaks!) peace !

  • 25
    Posted at 20:44h, 09 July

    This may sound like a far-reaching idea, but hey he did sell cds in mags and newspapers, so this one may not be so far reaching, but DrFunkenvberry, what about some nice, artistically designed Prince & the NPG Music cards, to purchase Prince music, kind of like how phone cards are purchased? It would work like this:
    Once the card is purchased, you apply the code on the card to a specific link, provided by Prince online, in order to activate the card, and then go to the category that applies to your purchase, and download the music or what’s offered for the amount of the card you purchased. The cards can be available and sold in popular store chains and tourist attractions domestically and internationally, when he releases new music and music with artists he collaborates with.

    In the U.S. it could be sold at various store chains e like , Walmart, K-Mart, Target and Best Buy, Century 21 , etc., and large discount store chains like Rite-Aid, Duane Reade, Walgreen’s, CVS, and the like, that are available in major cities and other areas in the U.S. He can do the same thing on an international basis.
    Prince can offer $5, $10, $15, $20, $25 Prince music cards. $5 can buy 5 singles, $10 can buy 10 songs or a full cd, $15 can buy a Double cd to include 8 songs from Prince and the other 7 tracks can be from artists he collaborates with or 8 new songs from Prince and the other 7 would include a mixture of 2 live audio versions of songs performed at one or two of his recent Welcome tour concerts, and 5 tracks would include Prince’s collaboration with other artists, which could help to promote another artist’s music.

    $20 cards could include a double cd- 1 of a 60 minute live audio of a recent or earlier concert, performed no less than 2 years ago, with each card having the same concert or each card with a performance at a different location, plus the 2nd cd could include 2 songs collaborated with another artist, 3 Prince songs with the NPG band, and 1 video OR 1 or 2 bonus or rare tracks.
    $25 can have a double DVD of a 90 or 2 hour recent, live Prince concert performance, and a bonus live audio rehearsal jam with the NPG OR a jam session with other artists at Paisley Park studio.

    All this at some of those affordable prices for most fans. He has a lot of material to work with and can pull from recent live concert footage to mak a profit.
    If he doesn’t go with the music cards at store outlets, and decides to go via internet, then he could present the same offers by providing a direct link for fans to purchase those offers from.He can advertise these offers on Facebook and Twitter if he decides to do this off or online or both.

  • Twinkly1
    Posted at 20:36h, 09 July

    Very interesting.

  • SingMia
    Posted at 17:21h, 09 July

    I am happy for him. Nobody should be tied virtually or physically to any restraints creatively for that is a slow suffication. No man made system ever held any lifelong promise and integrity to an artists length of giving, period. Take care, Sing… ps: dont drop ur life for the idol god named money!

  • scott
    Posted at 17:02h, 09 July

    Bring back the NPG Music Club with all the extras, tickets……remastered work…..and more! $$$$$ is waiting for him!

  • TollyC
    Posted at 15:07h, 09 July

    I would like to see a return to the concept.
    The net is here to stay and it’s a shame that he is not cashing in on monthly downloads.

    Posted at 15:03h, 09 July

    QUESTION: In what new medium would you like to see PRINCE’s music released? . . .

  • JC
    Posted at 14:33h, 09 July

    In September 2009, Prince made a “test” with the label Because Music.
    Emmanuel De Burtel (the boss of this French label, but worldwide distributed by Warner!) is a very good friend of Prince since that time. I wouldn’t be surprised that the deal is made with Because Music from now…

  • Musgrave
    Posted at 13:50h, 09 July

    It’s Well Over Due for a Professional Remaster Catalog of his Music – album by album. (Outtakes, Remasters, Art work, Liner Notes, DVD) Of each Album and people would be MORE than happy to buy them.

    Artist wonder why downloading became so popular when the Cds you buy now days are cheap cardboard containers without even a sleeve inside. ( Total Crap)
    What happen to the days concept artwork, pictures and lyrics were included in a new cd?

    Musgrave – Chicago

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