Jay Z Confirmed To Score “The Great Gatsby”

Jay Z Photo: GettyImages.com

Sell 99 million albums. Check. Own a sports franchise. Check. Marry Beyonce. Check. Score the new Baz Luhrmann film. Check.

Jay Z is confirmed to be scoring “The Great Gatsby”, a retelling of the classic novel and directed by famed director Baz Luhrmann.

In the latest trailer, they used a sample of Jay Z’s music but it is now much more than that.

It was rumored last year that Lady Gaga and Prince were going to be making songs for “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack but those reports were false.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The Great Gatsby opens in theaters May 10th.




  1. paulito

    The Rumor that had Prince involved with this project, kept my interest. This jay guy certainly does not.

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