QuestLove Talks About His Prince Charity Show At Carnegie Hall


Questlove is putting together a Prince Tribute Show to be held next week at Carnegie Hall March 7th. He took time to talk to Billboard about the event.

Questlove & The Roots will be the house band, backing up D'Angelo, Elvis Costello, Talib Kweli, Bilal, The Blind Boys Of Alabama, FDeluxe, and more. For the full list of performers and ticket prices, click HERE.

Quest dropped a hint on Twitter earlier that someone might be doing one of their famous small club shows next week as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Next week should be fun....

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  1. All prince

  2. Ur the grooviest, Doc! I’m gonna buy u a root beer! I asked a few friends to buy u one too! 😉

  3. All I ask is that this tribute, on March 7th, not be the same old 5 songs we always seem to here, when Prince tributes occur. Can we reflect the full breadth of his career, for once?

  4. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I got 4th row center AND afterparty tix!!! PLEASE say his aftershow will be at City Winery!!!! ~faints~

  5. I would break my arm, my neck & my leg to get a ticket if I lived near NYC… what an awesome lineup! 😛 I think they should record the show & sell the DVDs, for us regular folks around the country. A lot of funds for the charities could be raised that way too. I would certainly buy it. ;0)

  6. Gotta love ?uestlove!!!

  7. ?UEST didn’t really say too much about the Prince tribute. He cracks me up not trying to act too Xcited about it. When U know he is 🙂

  8. Coolbeans–Prince is gonna rock NY– I agree the show should be on TV!! Brooklyn Bowl thing sounds interesting–Love You Prince and thanks again 4 sharing Doc!!

  9. thanks for sharing the news wish we could see the Carnegie Hall show on tv

  10. The show at Brooklyn Bowl is NOT March 7th. Nothing needs to be revised. The show will be going on sale in 5-6 days.

  11. You need to revise tribute story. questlove’s tweet was in reference to Spin Doctors at brooklynbowl on March 7 not Ecnirp.

  12. Awesome!… Famous small club show in NYC?

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