Nicole Sherzinger Talks About Turning Down Rihanna Hit Song

Nicole Sherzinger Photo: Mark Cant for Notion Magazine

Nicole Sherzinger talked with Notion magazine about turning down the hit song “We Found Love” written by Calvin Harris that was later turned into a hit by Rihanna and going on “Pop Stars”.

In the new interview with Notion Magazine, Nicole had this to say about “Pop Stars”….

“I was so theatre at the time. I was like ‘I am not going to be a Spice Girl.’ That wasn’t me”

“I mean I’m a Spice Girls fan now, but at the time I only wore black and I was Goth. I would have been Goth Spice. Ethnic Chanting Spice, that’s who I thought I was,”

On passing on “We Found Love” by Calvin Harris:

“I passed on ‘We Found Love’. I got the demo of that song and I was busy at the time.”

We included her latest song “Boomerang” above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Big mistake. Huge.



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