Nicole Sherzinger Talks About Turning Down Rihanna Hit Song

Nicole Sherzinger Photo: Mark Cant for Notion Magazine

Nicole Sherzinger talked with Notion magazine about turning down the hit song "We Found Love" written by Calvin Harris that was later turned into a hit by Rihanna and going on "Pop Stars".

In the new interview with Notion Magazine, Nicole had this to say about "Pop Stars"....

"I was so theatre at the time. I was like 'I am not going to be a Spice Girl.' That wasn't me"

"I mean I'm a Spice Girls fan now, but at the time I only wore black and I was Goth. I would have been Goth Spice. Ethnic Chanting Spice, that's who I thought I was,"

On passing on "We Found Love" by Calvin Harris:

"I passed on 'We Found Love'. I got the demo of that song and I was busy at the time."

We included her latest song "Boomerang" above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Big mistake. Huge.


Rihanna “Performs” on X Factor UK “We Found Love”

Just days after performing "We Found Love" on X Factor USA, Rihanna performed the same song on X Factor UK.

Some say the US performance was better and I am not sure I agree. At least in this performance, I could tell that her microphone was on.

So, are school girl outfits still sexy? Did you guys check out her shoes as well? Hmm.

Check out the performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We found Love....where?


Rihanna Releases Behind The Scenes Footage Of New Video

Rihanna released behind the scenes footage of "We Found Love" her latest video.

Don't ask us why part 2 is available but part one is not.  Rihanna is trying to make sure she has the title of the hardest working woman in the business.  Releasing videos, touring to sold out crowds, recording new material and finding time to have a boyfriend here and there.

Hate to say it but was it on purpose that the lead guy was light-skinned and had blonde died hair?  Guess Chris Brown was not available to do the video.  He did not have blonde hair when they were together.  Just an observation.

Check out the behind the scenes footage of "We Found Love" by Rihanna.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Finding love in a hopeless place.  Hmm.  Must be L.A.