3rdEyeGirl Interviewed At Billboard Music Awards Blue Carpet! Watch Now!

Galaxy Room Photo: Twitter.com/3rdEyeGirl

Before the Billboard Music Awards kicked off, 3rdEyeGirl walked the blue carpet and were interviewed on Billboard.com

3rdEyeGirl talked about their clothing and how excited they were to be there and perform. As for Bieber......they were being nice.

Enjoy the interview!-DocFB

Diagnosis: 3rdEyeGirlPower n 3rdEyeGirlclothing....

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  1. FIRST of ALL I want 2 say that this was VERY AWKWARD when I saw this BECAUSE I know and have seen with my very own eyes and ears that ALL of the Girls can articulate WAY better than most. I have seen youtube videos on Ida, Donna, and Hannah and they can talk and express them self better than most Celebrities. So this Interview was REALLY BAD and the Interviewee needs 2 FIX HER LIFE UP LOL! she should have been well informed better than that she should NO BETTER. As far as 3rd Eye Girl response on the BIEBES PERRRRFECT I just love the way Donna said “We are ALL Believers” and they all chimed end and echoed it back Classics. Way 2 GO 3RD EYE GIRL GREAT JOB ;)

  2. Hey K,

    Just so you know all music artist go through media training so they will know how to leverage any interview opportunities. Clearly you can tell they were awkward and that makes for a bad interview. Just because you are making music doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn how to talk in front of the camera. So, I think you are clueless on how things are done in the real wold. Clearly since your point of reference is a reality star. Like many others said they didn’t mention performing with Prince. They would have known how to take the questions better.

    Also, I didn’t say it was a bad decision and I thought his performance was the best of the night, but I do feel that he has been an icon with the revolution and NPG and I would have like to see him do that. I am not at all saying I don’t like the girls, I do and I am not saying he wasn’t good. Prince is never bad. My opinion is that he could have used the band and has some background vocals. The girls don’t sing they only play. Or I don’t think they should sing live.

  3. So the interviewer was clueless (big fail on the production staff for not prepping her for who she was talking to!) but the ladies also need to be more assertive about what they are doing and why they are there. WE know who they are instantly but most people are not as tuned in. So they should just say “We’re psyched to be performing with Prince tonight!”. It would have taken the interview in a completely different direction and made it much better. Don’t be shy 3rdeyegirl! :)

  4. The spin doctor spinning his spin and doing his best to promote. I admire the dedication to family. All in all, a valiant effort but it falls short. Kuntry marketing.

  5. It is as if the interviewer did not know who they were. You would think if she had know they were Prince’s band she would have mentioned it.

  6. It’s network television for people who like Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 (Prince is the exception(al), not the rule at the Billboards this year). The questions are not going to get very deep folks. Prince said of his new band when questioned on politics, “They don’t care what’s happening in the world. They care about music.” I just saw them here in San Diego and that is TRUE. Really looking forward to their performance 2 night!

  7. Lydia, you make yourself sound, as you say, silly. Media training? They are making music, not Kim Kardashian. He has them rehearsing not talking etiquette courses. As for using the big band, these girls rock, just because you don’t think he should use them does not make it a wrong decision. He knows what he is doing, you can trust that.

  8. All in all given the circumstances still I think they came off good–no harm done–but definitely could have used the “interview” as an opportunity to promote their band, like, instead of talking about the fashion aspect (branding) she could have mentioned and reinforced the band’s name “3rdEyeGirl”. When asked about how excited they were, they could have thrown “Prince’s” name in there as the reason for them being there and what an honor it was to be supporting this year’s Icon– but hindsight is always 2020 and with the adrenaline, camera, lights and action…its a learning experience.

  9. Oh my, that interviewer had NO CLUE who she was talking to.

  10. They need media training. They are great musicians, but this interview was horrible and awkward. I am so confused by not having the big band on this show. They have been working and now the new group swoops in and gets the shine. I still love Prince and always will no matter what silly decisions he makes.

  11. Good question “Anonymous” — in this instance I chalk it up to the interviewer who really asked no questions except do you like justin bieber–but then again, reminds me of why I and other alike usually don’t watch this kind of low-grade promotional stuff – substance is not what’s valued.

  12. Wow! Another clueless reporter on ABC.

  13. Very cute, good job.

  14. Y doesn’t the “press” talk about Prince?

  15. Silly interview. And no mention of Prince? Icon Award winner’s new band? Just silly interview. Sorry Bieber.

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