Adam Lambert Is Here To Pump You Up!

Adam Lambert Photo:

Adam Lambert was out and about in West Hollywood yesterday where he stopped to pump some gas.

We have a feeling his talents would be put to better use on the next season of “American Idol” pumping up contestants as a judge on the show that hasn’t meant jack since he was on it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: U got 2 Pump It….

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Adam Lambert Photo:




  1. RedRoseQueen1

    Such a sweet down-to-earth man and pumping his own gas? Where’s Morgan Freeman, or Anthony Hopkins? Hell, where’s Steven Tyler and Axl Rose pumping their own gas? I hate it when ignorant people accuse Lambert of being “conceited” arrogant or “full of himself” because nothing could be further from the truth. Adam is awesome!

  2. vampfever

    Will Adam Lambert re-fuel American Idol? I dunno, but I’d watch again, he’s interesting and a real pro.

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