New PRINCE! “Ain’t Gonna Miss U When U’re Gone” Featuring Ledisi Out Now!


PRINCE has just released a new single “Ain’t Gonna Miss U When U’re Gone” featuring Ledisi. It was released on his music site.

The song is a 6 minute long long funk jam and it should have U working up a “Black Sweat” in no time!-DocFB

Diagnosis: “Eye give credit where credit’s due….”




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  2. Twinkly1

    yes the song tis quite funky, I like that first boom on the drum(?) pairs nicely with and sets up a nice contrast with the vocals.

  3. Truth444

    For those who continue to doubt that Prince can still get funky? Here you go… now go get some sweat! Love this!! “Rubber Ta Ta’s LMAO!!

  4. Suzy Six

    This song is AWESOME! Its funky and fun! LOVE the rap, Its so much fun 2 listen 2 and i can get my dance on too! 2 party toes up!

  5. Lisa

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! SOOOOOOOO FUNKY! Thank you Prince, 3rd eye girl and Dr FB! Love, peace and prayers of gratitude !

  6. Vicki

    Who is Prince calling Bourgeois’ (boojee?) haha I thought everybody he worked with was funky. lol

  7. OK and OMG! I am doing my HAPPIE DANCE right NOW! I have dreamed about this for a while NOW and my Dream came true THANK, THANK, THANK U PRINCE for making this Queens Dream come true. I have alwayz wanted Prince 2 Collaborate with my GURL! Ledisi since day 1 and NOW the day and time has come and ALL I can say is YES!, YES!, YES!, YES!, and Sing HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY, HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY. Thank U so much LOVE U PRINCE & 3RDEG 😉 <3

  8. Barbara

    Just heard the track played on my local radio station in NSW, Australia! YES, this is a BIG THING!!!

  9. errant

    nevermind, just went back to the 3rdeyegirl page. it’s official. so which way is he spelling “u’re” these days anyway?

  10. errant

    good song. but is that artwork official? the “ur/u’re” Princebonics are different on the file and the artwork.

  11. IstenSzek

    ps: “the lawnmower” ? lol.
    already went around on a loop for eleven times. loving those kettle drum synths
    or whatever they are. and loving those ledisi backing vocals. especially that part
    that repeats the track title and sounds like a vintage sample from somewhere

  12. teiemka

    I like the song, though I don’t get the lyric – If it wasn’t for me you’d be a “who”

    Even when Bria was with Prince she was a “who” 🙄

    Please pass on my thanks to Prince for providing this song on and in wav format. Would be greatly appreciated if all the other non-wav format releases be put up for sale in wav format on

    *Breakfast can wait
    *Screwdriver Remix
    *RnR Remix7

  13. RightMind

    Genius!!! Lovin it. Sounds so “out of time”…in other words “Timeless”. Cheap at twice the price

  14. Barbara

    Very cool, cute & funky – could have listened to that for 16 minutes! Love it that 3EG website is back in business!!

  15. IstenSzek

    too long? never! these kind of songs need space to breathe. i always love it when prince stretches songs beyond mere single length. diagnosis: “Here Eye Go” 😉

  16. Anonymous

    Cool , finally something new 🙂

    What about the album “plectrum electrum ” ?

  17. slb

    I like it. Got those “Nasty Girl” drums on it. It’s a little long though. The song would be more “impactful” if he made it < 4:00.

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