A Review Of Andy Allo’s “Unfresh” Summer Tour; Added To North Sea Jazz Festival Line-Up!

A Review Of Andy Allo’s “Unfresh” Summer Tour; Added To North Sea Jazz Festival Line-Up!

Andy Allo Photo: Peter Lodder Fotografie

Andy Allo Unfresh Summer Tour – Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris
Andy Allo ended her UnFresh Summer Tour in Europe with a brilliant performance at La Maroquineire in Paris. It was a short tour to promote her forthcoming album with remixes of her first cd ‘UnFresh’.

Also, Andy Allo has just been added to the North Sea Jazz Festival line-up on July 12th and will be an hour show starting at hour show starting at 21:30.

The shows all sold out very quickly, showing that the fans were very excited to see the singer/songwriter/musician perform her music. The last time Andy was touring in Europe was with Prince and the NPG.

Andy Allo Photo: Peter Lodder Fotografie

The mini tour kicked off on Saturday, June 29 at the Couleur Café Festival in Brussels, where she performed a very funky set with a full band, including a 4 piece horn section. Andy sang songs from both UnFresh and Superconductor. A beautiful balance of both records that showcased her journey. She opened the concerts with the song ‘When Stars Collide’ and closed with the funky single from Superconductor titled, “People Pleaser”. In between those songs anything was possible.

For the full review and more pictures, click here….

Andy Allo Photo: Peter Lodder Fotografie

In Amsterdam, she played an acoustic set accompanied by guitarist Seth Johnson. The fans got to see a very relaxed Andy, who even asked the names of some in the front row of the audience. More than two hours later this intimate performance ended with a great new song as an encore: One Step Closer. Well, closer than this an audience will never be.

In Paris she played with the same band as in Brussels, including the funky horns. Andy and her band did a lot of improvisations with a number of songs that were not on the set list nor ever rehearsed. The audience was going crazy. There was such great energy at La Maroquinerie with the audience participating on almost every song.

At one point, Andy got emotional. She was so overcome with love from the audience and hearing people singing her songs especially her newest song, One Step Closer. It was a magical moment.

Andy Allo Photo: Peter Lodder Fotografie

At the two hour mark, it was over…it seemed.
However the audience kept screaming for more and Andy came back to perform a couple of songs all by herself.

At 11:30 PM, after a 2 hour and 30 minute performance the evening came to an end, and unfortunately so did this people “teaser” tour.
People were blown away by Andy Allo’s performance and appearance. They knew they witnessed a multitalented artist.

Both nights in Amsterdam and Paris, immediately after the show, Andy Allo met with her fans and talked to mostly everyone who stood in line for almost an hour. There is a certain grace that exudes from this artist who after hours of performing continued to smile and show her appreciation for her audience.

Andy Allo Photo: Peter Lodder Fotografie

EVERY night has been an amazing experience. Beautiful music, beautiful venues, beautiful energy emanating from the crowd and from the stage.-DocFB

Info and pictures provided by Peter Lodder.

Diagnosis: I’m glad that Andy is getting out there and touring and people seem to be loving it. So many shows sold out and now North Sea Jazz Festival. Andy is as kind as she is talented. Nothing but LOVE for her…..



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  • Barbara
    Posted at 05:39h, 09 July

    Andy is a true talent who deserves all the success in the world. I’d love to see her in Australia! Great photos, Peter!

  • kco0l's ChocolateBox777
    Posted at 12:57h, 08 July

    U right! Andy is as kind as she is talented. A class act…

  • Chi-Town-Jill
    Posted at 12:40h, 08 July

    U go Andy!!!!

  • Clarebgarrad
    Posted at 12:33h, 08 July

    I was at the Amsterdam venue and had a great evening. Andy’s voice was a lot stronger than I initially thought it would be and she really connected with the audience. A very vivacious young lady. Also, I had the privilege of meeting Andy after the show and you’re right about her being kind. She didn’t rush anyone. I would definitely take friends to see Andy play again, hopefully in London next time. But all in good time. Here’s to her success.

  • soulbrotha
    Posted at 12:18h, 08 July

    Andy Allo will be playing @ NSJ July 12th! (the festival is 12-14 July)

  • Humptyness
    Posted at 11:43h, 08 July

    time to check out Unfresh on spotify

  • Peter Lodder
    Posted at 11:42h, 08 July

    Thx! It was a great experience!

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