Bob Dylan MusicCares Event Photo: Review special written by Eric Greene. Sure the audience included hotshots like Lady Gaga walking arm in arm with Tony Bennett, movie star Jeff Bridges, producer Brian Grazer, record industry giant T-Bone Burnett, even the 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter. But the hottest-shot of the night at the star-studded Musicares “Person of the Year Tribute to Bob Dylan” last Friday was the man of the hour himself.  Hailed as America’s greatest songwriter, the voice of his generation, the poet laureate  of Rock n’ Roll, and about a dozen other labels which he rejects, Dylan gave a dazzling acceptance speech that was at turns humble and defiant, funny and honest, erudite and plain-spoken. There are not many people who could have the top musicians in the country serve as their warm up act, but that’s exactly what happened as some of music’s most celebrated artists performed a 2 and a half hour concert of classics form Dylan’s 50-year career and raised a record-setting over 7 million dollars for the Musicares foundation that helps artists in times of financial, medial and personal need  (hyperlink to: For the full review, click here! 

PRINCE PROMO PHOTO Legendary music reviewer and interviewer Jon Bream was invited to Paisley Park late Saturday night in Minneapolis to listen to the new "untitled" PRINCE album. Jon Bream was handing Prince awards and accolades long before a majority of the world had a chance to. You could call Bream a Prince historian, so to speak. Bream wrote about his experience he had late last night for the Star Tribune, also having to write a review for the Bruno Mars show he saw earlier in the night. Bream talks about the phone call he got to be at Paisley Park around midnight to listen to the new record and how he is now on Prince time. Warner Bros executives unfortunately are not on Prince time and the music icon has had a hard time reaching them in regards to the new album and more than likely the 30th anniversary remastering of "Purple Rain" due for release sometime this year, right WB? After 1 A.M., Bream was escorted into studio B at Paisley where the 3RDEYEGIRL members were along with their spouses including the producer of the new Prince record, Joshua Welton who Prince described as a rising producer. His tour manager and a Fox 9 reporter were there as well. For the full article including new song titles, click here!