WHAT?!?!! Sir Mix-A-Lot & New Kids On The Block Perform “Baby Got Back” Watch Now!

Sir Mix-A-Lot & NKOTB Photo New Kids Facebook Page

The New Kids On The Block brought The Package tour to Tacoma, Washington last night with a special guest: Sir Mix-A-Lot performing his major 90's hit "Baby Got Back"!

Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre were LOVING it and so was the crowd!

To check out the AMAZING "Baby Got Back" performance with NKOTB, click here!

New Kids On The Block and Sir Mix-A-Lot! How knew that NKOTB liked big butts and cannot lie? Guess even white boys do have to shout!-DocFB

Diagnosis: NKOTB fans definitely got back......

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  1. That’s hilarious! Everybody loves that song though! Didn’t know NKOTB were fans of that song. When that song came out in the 90s that was when hip hop was still fun. Thank u for sharing this performance! It doesn’t matter who u are u will go out there and dance your ass off when this song comes on!

  2. WOW! NKOTB KICK IT OLE’ SKOOL STYLE!!! Makes me want 2 go 2 a NKOTB CONCERT! Just Classic.

  3. Talk about “Ole’ Skool”!!! Wow!!!

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