WHAT?!?!! Sir Mix-A-Lot & New Kids On The Block Perform “Baby Got Back” Watch Now!

Sir Mix-A-Lot & NKOTB Photo New Kids Facebook Page

The New Kids On The Block brought The Package tour to Tacoma, Washington last night with a special guest: Sir Mix-A-Lot performing his major 90's hit "Baby Got Back"!

Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre were LOVING it and so was the crowd!

To check out the AMAZING "Baby Got Back" performance with NKOTB, click here!


The Wanted Release New Video For “Chasing The Sun”

The Wanted, a "boy band" have just released "Chasing The Sun" their new video.

The Wanted finds itself in direct competetion with other "boy band" One Direction. This has happened twice before; in the 90;s with NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys and in the late 80's with New Kids On The Block and The Boys. Aside from The Boys, all 3 other groups were able to strive and The Backstreet Boys and The New Kids have been touring as NKOTBSB for the past year.

The video is interesting and it seems to feature more "Starships" than the new Nicki Minaj video as well.

The Wanted so far may be chasing the sun but have been catching a lot of stars as of late.  It may have something to do with the management team being the same as Justin Bieber's......-DocFB


Backstreet Boys Howie D.’s New Video “100” Turns Up The Heat

The Backstreet Boys Howie D. is going solo with his new video "100" and turns up the heat that high!

Howie is fresh off a tour with the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block and combined, they were the NKTOBSB.

It doesn't hurt that the girl in the video is rather bendy.  100 kisses.  100 reasons.  100 ways to say I love you.

Am I going to see a dance off in my local laundromat?  I dog the dance scene by the pool as well.  Interesting that Howie is so cool, that he doesn't dance at all during the video but everyone is dancing for him.

Check out the vid above-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Who It Be?  Howie D.


Donnie Wahlberg Wants To Pee On You; NKOTBSB Tour Heading To UK


Donnie Wahlberg uses the word courting.  That alone makes this clip hilarious.   Donnie is asked about how do animals court and he admits he wishes we could court as animals.  Either having to grunt or pee on another to let them know we like them. 

Pee?  Hmm.  I'll pass on the golden showers Donnie, but thanks.  He also let's it out that New Kids On The Block & The Backstreet Boys  as NKOTBSB will be bringing their successful tour over to the UK. 

Check out Donnie plugging "Zookeeper" and "Blue Bloods" for UK Television.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  You Know The Headline Courted You Without Being Peed On.


Donnie Wahlberg Doing Double Duty!

Donnie Drfunkenberry Exclusive Photo: twitter.com/hellohouston
Donnie Drfunkenberry Exclusive Photo: twitter.com/hellohouston

Donnie Drfunkenberry Exclusive Photo: twitter.com/hellohouston

If you think Donnie Wahlberg is everywhere, you would be right.   Right after filming his TV show "Blue Bloods" he took off on tour with NKOTBSB (That's New Kids On The Block & The Backstreet Boys for those still living in 1991.)  Donnie also filmed "Zookeeper" with Kevin James as it shot in Boston.  The movie premiere is also the same night as a concert for Wahlberg.  Problem?  Not for Donnie!

Donnie will be in Los Angeles for the movie premiere Wednesday and then find a way to Anaheim, about 35-40 miles out of Los Angeles.  He will miss a fan meet and greet before the concert but promised he would make it up to them after the show.

We imagine Donnie will take a private helicopter to Anaheim as L.A. traffic can be nuts.  The Doc will be at one of the events that Donnie will be at that night.  We will let you guess which one.

BTW, we hope you dig the photo of Donnie above from the NKOTBSB show in  Las Vegas this weekend.-Dr.FB


Diagnosis:  No More Games


Videos: NBOTBSB Aka New Kids On The Block & The Backstreet Boys Take Over Today Show

NKOTBSB (sic) performed on the Today Show Friday morning.  The New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys teamed up to do thier greatest hits and a new mash-up song which has been out for a few months "Don't Turn Out The Lights" and.....I enjoyed when they did their hits.  Just too many boys with mics in their hands.

BTW, congrats to Joey Mac who's wife gave birth to another kid earlier this week. 

Check out the performance above as NKOTBSB (sigh) make thier way to you soon.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Right Stuff.....Right?


NKOTBSB Tracklist Announced For Joint Release

NKOTBSB. Photo: GettyImages.com
NKOTBSB. Photo: GettyImages.com

NKOTBSB. Photo: GettyImages.com

Even if we like it or not, and we do NOT, New Kids On The Block are making a CD with the Backstreet boys.  The supergroup combined is called NKOTBSB and will also be touring together.

Fans of each group were able to vote on what songs they will be doing for the collaberation CD and the tracks below are the ones that one.  So see us after the jump to see.....