Katy Perry Buries Old Image In New “Roar” Teaser! #Roar

Katy Perry Screencap By Entertainment Weekly

In the first teaser video, Katy Perry was burning her blue wig, which we felt was a statement of her burying her old image. In the teaser trailer for “Roar” she does just that!

Little Katy fans crying while he tassels from the “California Girls” video are on top of the casket. The camera pans to Katy attending her former personalities passing. She pulls down her shades, laughs, and smirks.

So many artists want to make sure they are not stuck on one album, or known for one song. Years ago, Katy wanted to make sure she wasn’t the “I Kissed A Girl” girl and had a few other hits. Then “Teenage Dream” hit and she tied Michael Jackson for most #1’s from one album, almost passing him with “The One That Got Away”. Now Katy wants to make sure she is not just remembered for “Teenage Dream”. Other artists have done this before but not in recent memory.

Katy is taking a bold step. We just want to hear “Roar” already and not sure how many more teasers we can take.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We’re just glad she didn’t bury the whipped cream shooters that shot out of her boobs from the “California Girls” video. We are sure we are not the only ones….



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