Jungle Love! Katy Perry Releases Making Of “Roar” Music Video

Katy Perry Roar Video Still

Katy Perry has released a behind the scenes making of the "Roar" music video and we find out that even monkey's LOVE her boobs.

It is interesting to me that about 20 years ago, this would have aired BEFORE the video was released, followed by the world premiere of the video. Not so anymore. In fact, this is weird promotion for "Unconditionally" her new music video set to premiere on November 19th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Other alternate title: Welcome To The Jungle....


Video Performance: Katy Perry Performs “Roar” On X Factor UK!

Katy Perry Roar Video StillX!

Katy Perry performed "Roar" on The X Factor UK Last night as her "Prism" album dropped on Friday in the UK. The U.S. release is set for this Tuesday.

Surrounded by business women and men wearing white sheets to cover their face made us wonder when they were going to disrobe their suits and sheets. That finally happens around the 3:30 mark.

I preferred the set used for her SNL performance of the song but like that she did change sets and tried to keep things fresh and different.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will "Prism" roar to the highest numbers of the year this week?


#SNL Katy Perry Performs “Roar” And “Walking On Air” On Saturday Night Live

Katy Perry Roar Video Still

Katy Perry performed "Roar in her jungle outfit and took it back to the school girl's uniform for "Walking On Air" when she performed on Saturday Night Live last night.

The more we hear "Roar" live, the more we like it!

The "Walking On Air" performance was hot and steamy with Katy being provocative without having to get naked to do so! The lyrics are somewhat sexual in their own right so you have the image of what you need right there!

Katy's new album "Prism" is due in stores October 22nd!-DocFB

Diagnosis: The note that Katy hits at 2:55..that is the sweet spot!


Katy Perry Releases Video For “Roar” As It Knocks “Blurred Lines” From #1!

Katy Perry Roar Promo Image

Katy Perry released the video for "Roar" the same day the song hit number #1, knocking "Blurred Lines" from the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Roar" is Katy's 8th number one hit on Billboard.

She did not kill off images of herself like the preview clips lead us to believe. She is still the same playful Katy....minus the whipped cream shooters.-DocFB

Diagnosis: How can I not like a song that finally knocked "Blurred Lines" from the top spot? Come on now!


Jam Of The Moment! Katy Perry Releases Positive “Roar” Early On iTunes

Katy Perry Roar Cover

Katy Perry did not have the best weekend ever. Not by a long shot. Her promotional gold truck for "Prism" was in a car accident. On Saturday, her song "Roar" leaked 2 days early on radio.

The song was supposed to premiere this morning on Z100 in New York and decided to release it early on iTunes.

"Roar" is a positive song in the vein of "Wide Awake" and "Firework" and this time, it is about her personal empowerment. Is it a message to her critics or her ex-husband?

To listen to "Roar", click here....


Katy Perry Releases 3rd Teaser For #Roar! Is It The Cat’s Meow?

Katy Perry Promo Photo

Katy Perry has released the 3rd teaser trailer for her new song "Roar" which is due to be released on August 12th.

The teaser shows a cat eating a peacock's feathers. "Peacock" is a song from her "TeenageDream" album and focuses more on the cock than the pea.

Tired of the trailers. Want new Katy Perry music. Like yesterday.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Like in the words to "Peacock" I hope all this time is worth the wait.....


Katy Perry Buries Old Image In New “Roar” Teaser! #Roar

Katy Perry Screencap By Entertainment Weekly

In the first teaser video, Katy Perry was burning her blue wig, which we felt was a statement of her burying her old image. In the teaser trailer for "Roar" she does just that!

Little Katy fans crying while he tassels from the "California Girls" video are on top of the casket. The camera pans to Katy attending her former personalities passing. She pulls down her shades, laughs, and smirks.

So many artists want to make sure they are not stuck on one album, or known for one song. Years ago, Katy wanted to make sure she wasn't the "I Kissed A Girl" girl and had a few other hits. Then "Teenage Dream" hit and she tied Michael Jackson for most #1's from one album, almost passing him with "The One That Got Away". Now Katy wants to make sure she is not just remembered for "Teenage Dream". Other artists have done this before but not in recent memory.

Katy is taking a bold step. We just want to hear "Roar" already and not sure how many more teasers we can take.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We're just glad she didn't bury the whipped cream shooters that shot out of her boobs from the "California Girls" video. We are sure we are not the only ones....