Quote Of The Moment: Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae BET Awards 13 Photo: AceShowbiz.com

Our quote of the moment is by Janelle Monae....

"People don't ask Jay-Z to take his shirt off when he rhymes."

- JANELLE MONAE on why she doesn't show skin to sell albums, Essence


Diagnosis: She really be on that "Suit & Tie" ish....

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  1. Total RESPECT for Janelle Monae’s Quote of the Day. She DOESN’T have to show Skin to sell albums her Talent SPEAKS VOLUMES.

  2. Oh, J-Lo, duh..

    I’m a guy(lol)…

    Jus love when women like Janell Monae standout the way she does…

    Thanx 4 da heads up.

  3. DeeLucks,
    Jenny is Jennifer Lopez and no need to apologize gurl.

  4. Teiemka, I have no idea who Jenny is. Wasn’t pointin the finger at no1, just appreciating Janell Monae 4 takin a stand…

    Sorry 4 the offense……

  5. Deelucks, Jenny from the block is mature, but she had her pelvic exam televised during the Billboard awards. Then just in case they missed it repeated again for a British TV audience.

    Just goes to show youm mature has nothing to do with age.
    Love me for my music not my body well said Janelle Monae.

  6. I respect you even more now…..

  7. I’m proud of you Monae..

    Real women(mature ones), don’t have to strip naked to sho’ they are beautiful…

    U’re gorgeous Monae…

    bless u & your career…..

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