New EMINEM “Berzerk” Listen Now!

Eminem Promo Photo

EMINEM has released his new single "Berzerk" from his new album "MMLP2" due for release in 11/5/13.

Rick Rubin's production is all over this and sounds very Beastie Boys-ish, and since Rubin was behind them, it is an obvious comparison and EM did it on purpose.

He takes a stab at Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, not Kendrick Lamar as some pointed out.

To hear the new EMINEM, click here!!!!

To take your shoes off....-DocFB

Diagnosis: Life's too short to not go for broke....

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  1. Yes It does sounds Beastie Boy-ish Yes I know Shady did it on purpose But back in the 90’s that was REAL RAPPIN’ NOT this RAPPIN’ that’s going on in today’s rap world.

  2. nice use of a Billy Squire sample…….think it needs a dope video to become a hit though

  3. yes, Yes! YES!!! No one rhymes like Shady! Can’t wait. Can’t Wait!!!

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