New Eddie Murphy With Snoop Lion “Red Light” Is Crazy Good! Listen Now!

Eddie Murphy has released a reggae themed song featuring Snoop Lion and it is good!

Eddie and Snoop cover racial profiling and a messed up economy.

Just in case there is a problem with the link above, check out the track below.

This is not Eddie's first crack at music. Sure you guys remember "Party All The Time" with Rick James.

Partying all the time to a red light....-DocFB

Diagnosis: Eddie....dance!

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  1. Yes, it is a good track. I like the sound and the socially-conscious message it’s sending, and because of that, it is not surprising that some may be uncomfortable with the message of the song, and reason behind they may not like it, but that’s their hangup. Good job Eddie!

  2. Are u serious? I kept waiting for Dave Chapelle to walk in the room. This is awful! I don’t know what your smokin doc, actually I do now. Ha! Eddie hasn’t been involved with anything good since the Nutty Professor movies. And that’s stretching it.

  3. Tyrone Green and his reggae band! #SNL

  4. No its not good. What are you guys smoking?

  5. WOW! I can’t believe this I am SHOCK. BUT this track with Snoop Lion and Eddie sounds really Good.

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