Owned! Janelle Monae Performs “Dance Apocalyptic” On Letterman! Watch Now!

Janelle Monae pulled a Bruce Springsteen by dancing on David Letterman's desk last night performing "Dance Apocalyptic" from her new album "Electric Lady" due in stores today!

Her performance was quite electric and perhaps since she made her TV debut, she went on Letterman over Arsenio, who debuted last night.

Great, GREAT, performance!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Fallon had Kanye. Letterman Janelle. Arsenio Snoop Lion/Dogg. Who really won?-DocFB

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  1. Artist. Art.

  2. she IS “..the hardes working WOMAN in show bisness..” that was incrediblew of Dave to crown the Queen like that..James Brown must be smiling.. shes GOOOoooD…

  3. JM is a FORCE to Be Reckoned With is an understatement this Women is EXTRAORDINARY! This performance was OFF THA WALL!

  4. I Remember 1st Seeing This Woman In Her Vid 4 “Tightrope” In Switzerland & Afterwards, Sitting There ALL A-PAUSED & Thinking, “What The (BL**P!) Did I Just Witness?!”, Scribbling Down Her Name & Passing It 2 My (NOW) “X” Who Owns A CD Store & Telling Him 2 Look In2 This Artist & Stocking Her CDs In His Store When It comes Out, HEARING Her CD & Seeing Our Reaction Mirrored In The Friends & Others That Purchased It, Knowing We Were All Witness 2 Sumthing XTRAORDINARY & Now, Seeing This Woman & Hearing Her Songs & STILL Saying, “What The (BL**P!) Did I Just Witness?!” BOOTY DON’T LIE, Folks…It SHO’ DON’T (Snaps FingerZ In “Z” Fo’mation & Shakes “THE TRUTH” PROOUUDLYYY)! This Woman Is A Solitary Revolutionary Force 2 Be Reckoned With…Ask David Letterman’s Desk

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