PRINCE Releases FREE Download Of “The Sweeter She Is” Rehearsal! Download Now!

PRINCE Photo: Madison Dube NPG RECORDS 2013

Early this morning, the Twitter account for 3RDEYEGIRL was wanting to send a new PRINCE rehearsal jam to a lucky fan to share with everyone.

People were sending their email addresses for the link in droves. 3RDEYEGIRL chose VanessaMPLS3121 to share the song.

The PRINCE rehearsal jam is entitled:

The Sweeter She Is (Rehearsal) and you can DOWNLOAD HERE!!!!

It is a cover of “The Sweeter He Is” by The Soul Children.

Thanks to Vanessa for getting the song out for everyone to hear.  We sure you had a  cheese-caking smile when you got it.  (Grin.)

The rehearsal starts with Prince talking and asking if “you want to hear the blues” with a female (Perhaps Hannah Ford, his drummer..?) with excitement saying “Yea!!!!” and the song kicks off with Prince being his soulful self.

The song is 7 minutes of pure bliss showing just  how amazing Prince is.  To be a butterfly on the wall to see and hear this….man.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Could a rehearsal strawberry jam be even “Sweeter”…?




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  2. DavidVerhaevert

    Thank u Prince 4 da music ! merci pour ce partage de musique & is a beautiful song like Da Bourgeoisie is a  good funk !  I wanna the new album !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The réel music by the réel musicien)  by Prince !!! oh yeah & is true .

  3. purplerock20ten

    I love this song, and I love that Prince has shared this beautiful live rehearsal with us! Prince singing the Blues is my second favorite after him playing rock music! And I absolutely agree with you, Doc – this is pure bliss to hear and it shows once again how absolutely amazing Prince is!  🙂 Nothing is sweeter than the music he creates/plays.

  4. Markus Bonten

    Thank U prince…what a lovely song…it sounded so fresh and cool….this is what we want….2 hear….man…..but i hope that next year U will bring out a new concept album….in the style of lovesexy or rainbow children…..fingers crossed….Peace out 2 da real purple underground: Vanessa-Jesse-Marcus-Peter-Udo-Heidi-Eunice-Shri Devi-Aiad and all the others……and 2 a lost purple brother….peace Bonty

  5. SugarL

    The Sweeter This Man Is, The Harder 2 Find Another Artist 2 Top Him :). Prince Never Ceases 2 Amaze Me! & Sounds Like So Much Fun Is Being Had :D. & What A Way 2 Have It Delivered, Thru SWEET Vanessa! Thanx So Much 4 This Special Gift 4 Us, Just The SWEETEST, I Never Want This Taste 2 Leave~<3

  6. Erin

    amazing…made my day…i have been listening to it on repeat since I got to work this morning! xoxo

  7. Jim

    If you listen carefully to the first guitar intro he is playing the chorus to Another Lonely Christmas.

  8. Barbara

    That was a lovely midnight surprise for us Aussies! Thanks Prince, 3rd Eye Girl & Vanessa!

  9. Clarebgarrad

    I thought think this is truly beautiful and I have played it over and over. Congratulations to Vanessa and thanks to her for releasing it. That was a lovely touch Prince.

    You’re right Dr, pure bliss.

  10. DeeLucks

    Prince seems 2b back to himself on this cut…..

    This is the Prince we all miss………

  11. Claudia

    Hey, Doc! Where have you been? I downloaded this tune this morning! Just funnin’ with ya. I like it. 🙂

    Maybe Vanessa can ship you a fat-free, sugar-free cheesecake!!

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