PRINCE Releases FREE Download Of “The Sweeter She Is” Rehearsal! Download Now!

PRINCE Photo: Madison Dube NPG RECORDS 2013

Early this morning, the Twitter account for 3RDEYEGIRL was wanting to send a new PRINCE rehearsal jam to a lucky fan to share with everyone.

People were sending their email addresses for the link in droves. 3RDEYEGIRL chose VanessaMPLS3121 to share the song.

The PRINCE rehearsal jam is entitled:

The Sweeter She Is (Rehearsal) and you can DOWNLOAD HERE!!!!

It is a cover of "The Sweeter He Is" by The Soul Children.

Thanks to Vanessa for getting the song out for everyone to hear.  We sure you had a  cheese-caking smile when you got it.  (Grin.)

The rehearsal starts with Prince talking and asking if "you want to hear the blues" with a female (Perhaps Hannah Ford, his drummer..?) with excitement saying "Yea!!!!" and the song kicks off with Prince being his soulful self.

The song is 7 minutes of pure bliss showing just  how amazing Prince is.  To be a butterfly on the wall to see and hear this....man.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Could a rehearsal strawberry jam be even "Sweeter"...?

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  1. Thank u Prince 4 da music ! merci pour ce partage de musique & is a beautiful song like Da Bourgeoisie is a  good funk !  I wanna the new album !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The réel music by the réel musicien)  by Prince !!! oh yeah & is true .

  2. goosebumps all over mybody!

  3. I love this song, and I love that Prince has shared this beautiful live rehearsal with us! Prince singing the Blues is my second favorite after him playing rock music! And I absolutely agree with you, Doc – this is pure bliss to hear and it shows once again how absolutely amazing Prince is!  🙂 Nothing is sweeter than the music he creates/plays.

  4. How beautiful…I love this song….

  5. Nice cover.

  6. Wow! What a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Doc, do you know if Prince is playing piano on this (or guitar)?

  8. As always, Brilliant. nice -smooth-soulful,deep!

  9. Nice, real nice.

  10. I like!

  11. Thank U prince…what a lovely song…it sounded so fresh and cool….this is what we want….2 hear….man…..but i hope that next year U will bring out a new concept album….in the style of lovesexy or rainbow children…..fingers crossed….Peace out 2 da real purple underground: Vanessa-Jesse-Marcus-Peter-Udo-Heidi-Eunice-Shri Devi-Aiad and all the others……and 2 a lost purple brother….peace Bonty

  12. prince is gonna make a grown man cry….incredible..this made my week

  13. The Sweeter This Man Is, The Harder 2 Find Another Artist 2 Top Him :). Prince Never Ceases 2 Amaze Me! & Sounds Like So Much Fun Is Being Had :D. & What A Way 2 Have It Delivered, Thru SWEET Vanessa! Thanx So Much 4 This Special Gift 4 Us, Just The SWEETEST, I Never Want This Taste 2 Leave~<3

  14. amazing…made my day…i have been listening to it on repeat since I got to work this morning! xoxo

  15. If you listen carefully to the first guitar intro he is playing the chorus to Another Lonely Christmas.

  16. That was a lovely midnight surprise for us Aussies! Thanks Prince, 3rd Eye Girl & Vanessa!

  17. I thought think this is truly beautiful and I have played it over and over. Congratulations to Vanessa and thanks to her for releasing it. That was a lovely touch Prince.

    You’re right Dr, pure bliss.

  18. love old school music, it actually has life & substance in it

  19. hope Prince does a video 4 “Groovy Potential”…….

  20. Prince seems 2b back to himself on this cut…..

    This is the Prince we all miss………

  21. I LOVE it

  22. Hey, Doc! Where have you been? I downloaded this tune this morning! Just funnin’ with ya. I like it. 🙂

    Maybe Vanessa can ship you a fat-free, sugar-free cheesecake!!

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