New PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Rehearsal “EMPTY ROOM” Listen Now!

While you were asleep or doing something you shouldn’t have, PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL have unleashed a new rehearsal for “EMPTY ROOM” mixed by Marlon & Demetrius at Paisley Park Studios. Although a youtube clip so you do not get the best sound of this rehearsal, Prince’s vocals are clean and Donna Grantis’s solo is mesmerizing, […]

PRINCE Releases FREE Download Of “The Sweeter She Is” Rehearsal! Download Now!

Early this morning, the Twitter account for 3RDEYEGIRL was wanting to send a new PRINCE rehearsal jam to a lucky fan to share with everyone. People were sending their email addresses for the link in droves. 3RDEYEGIRL chose VanessaMPLS3121 to share the song. The PRINCE rehearsal jam is entitled: The Sweeter She Is (Rehearsal) and […]

3rdEyeTV Rolls Out More PRINCE Rehearsals & Rarities For 4th Night In A Row!

It was a Saturday night PuRpLe party with 3rdEyeGirl TV tonight! Night 1 was “A Love Bizzare” live from Paisley Park.  The second night was Montreux clips such as “She Spoke 2 Me” played.  The 3rd night was “The Beautiful Experience” and tonight was the Saturday night purple party! If U haven’t already, make sure […]

Exclusive! Live From Paisley Park; NPG In Rehearsal!

This has just been sent to us as PRINCE & The NPG are in rehearsals for shows this summer! They performed LIVE from rehearsal tonight!  The band did an instrumental version of “The Glamorous Life” for about 3 minutes. Make sure to subscribe to their channel HERE! They will be doing it with very little […]