3RDEYEGIRL (PRINCE) Releases Video Download Of “I Like It There”


3RDEYEGIRL & PRINCE have posted a video download of "I Like It There" from this past weekend's "The Breakfast Experience" for $1.77.

The video can be purchased at 3RDEYETUNES.com

It appears 3RDEYEGIRL tweeted about this a little over an hour ago and then quickly deleted the tweet?  Will the video be deleted soon as well?

Might want to go to 3RDEYETUNES.COM and download it just in case!

This version of "I Like It There" is complete and 5:28 seconds in length!

Worth it for the close up of Donna Grantis's Wonder Woman jammies!

Diagnosis: Do you....do you....really like it there?

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  1. good question immanuel6, when you find the answer, please let us know.

  2. I did, however, my video works just find.  I am trying to download the video into my ipod.  Does anyone know how I can transfer it from my Home Video playlist in iTunes to my iTunes Movies or Video playlist?

  3. Amazing15 I am having issues also… I tried to pay on paypal and it said that it could not ship to my address… the thing is, I’ve downloaded many before… songs and vids and never had issues like that before. They told me to change the shipping on paypal, but it never was an issue before?

  4. Hi, I’m having trouble downloading this vid. Paid my money but no email came through. Can’t find a 3EG Support email address on the site. Could u let me know who u contacted for assistance? Any help would be muchly appreciated! Starting to worry that I won’t be able to get my hands on new tunes!!!!! Thanks.

  5. I got a sweet email from the 3EG team resetting my downloads for me…i was able to re-download on the machine i had trouble on and it all worked perfectly.
    LOVE any video showing my Prince on guitar. <3

  6. I purchased “I Like it There” yesterday and I didn’t have any problems.  I am loving all of this output by Prince and 3EG!!!! LOVE THE VIDEO!

  7. Downloaded the video no problem.  I Like It There is one of My Favorite Prince Tunes, nice to hear him play it in a “live” setting (even though its video).  I like Donna’s confidence on the guitar and Ida and Hannah doing their groovy thing.  

    All of this goodness from 3rdEyeGirl and the NPG is keeping my plate full….did they really serve pancakes for $1?

  8. Prince Knows What He’s Doing. I’m Betting That There R Huge Things That He Has In Store 4 2014 (2014 ;) ) & 2013 Was Just The PREPARATION. In The Meantime, He’s Giving Us What We LOVE By Keeping Us “Pacified” W/ These Special Rewards Until Then & I Will Suck On This “Pacifier” Until 2014 When He Serves Us W/ His King’s Feast & Unleashes On Us His Funky GUMBO! I Like These Downloads HERE On My Computer As Well As Livestream & Other Treats & Would LOVE 2 See More (Maybe FULL DVDs Of Concerts/Fests Of 2013 & YES, Montreux 2009???) On My Blu-Ray/DVD Player B/c, THAT’S Where Prince & The Band Looks BETTER ;). Maybe As PART Of 2014 :D???? LUH U, Prince!~<3

  9. This was alright, especially the breakdown part is always good.

    But come on guys. 2013 is almost over.
    Where’s the promised Montreux blu-ray shows? THAT’s a way to document the year.
    Also… where’s the Paradiso soundboard? The truckload of funk? The unreleased tracks? Big City?

    Don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

  10. TerriWalsh re-did the download at home & success! wooohooooo!

  11. Prince & 3rdEyeGirl – Excellent Work. —  Really Enjoyed it and I hope there is Much More to come.
    Musgrave – Chicago
    *By The Way – I bought the Video off 3rdEyeGirl.com and downloaded it from the E-mail they sent to me and everything is Fine.

  12. I tried to purchase this video from his site, and on paypal I got an error message about not being able to send it to that address.. or something dumb…

  13. did anyone else buy the video and get a 45 sec clip that goes to black and then just plays nothing for the duration?
    i sent an email to support…everything else I bought there has been fine…

  14. Donna’s Wonder Woman Pjs, oh yes!!!

  15. it says the video is private :( so i cant see the clip. just got it though anyway….

  16. HeartWarming

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