3RDEYEGIRL (PRINCE) Releases Video Download Of “I Like It There”


3RDEYEGIRL & PRINCE have posted a video download of "I Like It There" from this past weekend's "The Breakfast Experience" for $1.77.

The video can be purchased at 3RDEYETUNES.com

It appears 3RDEYEGIRL tweeted about this a little over an hour ago and then quickly deleted the tweet?  Will the video be deleted soon as well?

Might want to go to 3RDEYETUNES.COM and download it just in case!

This version of "I Like It There" is complete and 5:28 seconds in length!

Worth it for the close up of Donna Grantis's Wonder Woman jammies!

Diagnosis: Do you....do you....really like it there?


Hannah Ford Releases Rehearsal Jam! PRINCE’s “I Like It There” Listen Now!

Hannah Ford just unleashed a rehearsal jam of "I Like It There" through her Facebook Fan Page and it is hot!

During the last week of November 2012, Hannah Ford was invited to Funky Town, MPLS by the one n only and they recorded this rehearsal jam while there. Hannah is the latest addition to the NPG btw. Check it out!

Make sure to "Like" Hannah's Facebook Fan Page because you never know when some new rehearsal jams may show up there.

Also, you can follow her on Twitter as well.

We are posting the rehearsal jam here with permission but do make sure to "Like" on Facebook and follow on Twitter for more....

What do U guys think of this latest rehearsal jam?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Donna, Is The Water Warm Enuff?