Just Like Honey! Ariana Grande Doesn’t Mind Being Compared To Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande Photo: Complex Magazine

We don’t think it is a bad thing when people think you can hit the notes that Mariah Carey used to. Ariana Grande doesn’t think so either.

When interviewed by Complex Magazine, Grande said:

“At first impression, I think it’s an obvious comparison to draw because of the range and style of throwback R&B. But as you listen to the whole album, Yours Truly, you get to know my sound. You get to know Ariana. If I complained about being compared to the great vocalist who ever lived, I would be a very dumb, ungrateful person. So I can’t complain. It’s a massive compliment.”

Check out Ariana Grande covering “Emotions” by Mariah Carey. Check the note round 1:27-DocFB

Diagnosis: Like Mariah, her debut album has hit number one. The rest? Time will tell…..



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