First Photo Of PRINCE On “New Girl” Released! Check it Out!

Zooey Deschanel, Prince, Jake Johnson, Photo: FoxTV.com

PRINCE is set to star on "New Girl" as himself Feb. 2nd after the Super Bowl on Fox. The first photo of him on the show has been released.

TV Guide was the first one to post the photo.

"He's got a very quiet, wry sense of humor but he kills. There's a moment in the episode where he's sitting in between Zooey and Jake on a bench. And it's a silent beef and he's just looking between them trying to figure them out. And it's hilarious. He has crazy comic instincts."-New Girl Producer Finkel comments.

Don't expect Nick (Jake Johnson) to throw shade to the purple one by interfering in between Jess and Nick on the show.

In fact Nick says in this scene:'It's an honor to give you my girlfriend.'" Ha!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Have we said how much we CANNOT wait to see this episode?????

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  1. Should be interesting to see how the public reacts to Prince being on “New Girl” as well as what kind of storyline they could possibly come up with that would include Prince AND make sense. 

    From his afro (which most people I’ve asked don’t really dig) to his appearance on “New Girl” to his starting up an all female backing band (3rdEyeGirl) to his starting up a YouTube and Twitter page to having a 22 piece NPG (how can he possibly afford to pay them all…the rumored reasons I heard P had a falling out with Sheila E and Eric Leeds in the recent past), Prince continues to surprise at every turn.

    And, even though I personally wasn’t digging the fro, I’m warming up to the idea as long as he doesn’t let it grow and grow and grow. Keeping it in a Lenny Kravitz length kinda mode suits Prince the best. However, his new fro look isn’t any worse than the other two controversial hairdos of his career: the typhoon from the Gett Off era and the long hair and beard action of the Graffiti Bridge daze. Heck, even Drake is doing the fro look so Prince is still being a trendsetter.

  2. Well Myles, I have been a fan for over 35 years and as an African American woman, I appreciate the afro.  It is good to see Prince going natural instead of the relaxers. Shoot, just let Prince do himself. I don’t care if he is a public figure, if he is free enough to not care what anyone think about his hair or music, I applaud him, period.

  3. Oh trust me, RakaBash, I’m a MAN and don’t you soon forget it. Fact is, when you’re a fan of an artist and have followed them for 30 years, if you see them make a misstep, even if it’s your opinion, I think you’ve got every right to speak up. Whether it’s good or bad. As long as it’s not vulgar, hate speech, racist, bigoted or evil, then why not speak up if you don’t like another MAN’s hairstyle? Fact is, Prince ain’t just a MAN, he’s an artist and one that’s in the public eye. Normally, I don’t worry about how another MAN wears his hair. In Prince’s case though, from my girlfriend to many others, they’re all not liking his hair. Cool? Cool.

  4. Well, I am a lady and I dig the fro.  I think what bothers me the most, instead of people being happy that Prince continues to move forward in his career, some have to throw shade on him because either he isn’t releasing enough music or the wrong music. Either he is wearing a process or his fro is too ethnic. Can’t we just be happy that the he is succeeding? This dude is a hard worker and he has and continues to generate music while others have just fallen by the wayside…the boy is a genius, no doubt.

  5. What grown man is preoccupied with the way another man wears his hair? Unless you’re his wife, MAN UP and worry about your life.

  6. I just don’t get Prince’s appearance on “New Girl”. I don’t think most young people watching will get exactly WHY Prince would be on the show. Add to that the fact most won’t even know who he is much because of Prince’s lack of presence on YouTube, social media and the radio. Appearing on “New Girl” is just a weird, strange move for Prince to make. Doesn’t make any sense. The whole bench scene sounds and looks just plain ridiculous. He should go the route of Lenny Kravitz who did “Hunger Games” and rocks a better fro. Now, THAT is cool.

  7. Prince is the tallest on the bench cause the other two are slouching and Prince’s fro is about 5 inches high. Brahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  8. OMG Prince looks sooo good..for all of the “fro” haters…I am sorry, the boy is rockin this afro…gon Prince!!!!

  9. “Purple Yoda” :c).

  10. Prince should write, direct, and perform more often for television, and motion pictures.

  11. He’s the tallest on the bench… lol

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