Exclusive! PRINCE To Appear On “New Girl” Super Bowl Episode!

New Girl Promo Photo Fox
The one and only PRINCE will be making a rare TV appearance on the Fox hit sitcom "New Girl" that will air on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl airs on Fox Feb. 2nd, 2014.

The cast of "New Girl" will be graced by music royalty as Prince will appear on the show playing himself. The premise for the show is to be centered around his notorious star-studded house parties where he performs so you might be seeing even more stars on this show. Will his new band 3RDEYEGIRL be with him?

For the past week, Hollywood Insiders have been buzzing about this news although confidentiality agreements were in place. Even Hannah Simone who plays CeCe on the show had to hint about the "Big Deal Alert" last night and Prince retweeted it this morning via @3RDEYEGIRL

A source, speaking on anonymity told DrFunkenberry.com exclusively "Prince actually reached out to the show. He is a big fan and wanted to do it. We were blown away and agreed immediately."

Prince is no stranger to the acting medium, starring in the hit movie "Purple Rain" in which he won an Oscar for "Best Soundtrack".

This is the music legend's First Sitcom Network Television Debut.

Stay tuned here for more info on this exclusive story!-DocFB

Diagnosis: 3RDEYEnewGIRL

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Zooey Deschanel Promo’s For Saturday Night Live This Weekend

Zooey Deschanel will have hosting duties this week on Saturday Night Live with musical guests Karmin. The last 2 promo's are somewhat funny...the first few though....eh.

"New Girl" is a huge hit for Fox and I have to say it gets better every week, kind of like the promos for SNL.

Here is hoping she has a blast hosting Saturday Night Live and entertains big time.

Are you guys a fan of "New Girl" as well?-DocFB


Paul Rudd Stars In “Our Idiot Brother” Trailer


Wowsa.  I don't dig Paul Rudd in a beard and long hair.  Could someone really be that stupid or are we missing a simplistic happy person who just happens to be both dumb and dumber?  Those questions might be answered in "Our Idiot Brother" coming soon.

Check out the movie clip above of Paul Rudd and an all-star cast for his latest movie and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Zooey Deschanel As A Slut?  Hmm.


Scene & Heard….

Jennifer Lopez & Mark Anthony are still denying divorce rumors.  The latest one has them performing on Valentine's Day together at the Madison Square Garden for the last time, then divorcing after.  I think there is trouble in paradise, but this story seems untrue.......Zooey Deschanel and  Death Cab For Cutie frontman  Ben Gibbard, are engaged to be married.....A florist is going after Timbaland in Florida for 10 grand worth of flowers and decorations for Christmas he did not pay for they say......Salma Hayek was photograghed smoking last week with her kid not too far from her.  Interestingly enough, we have seen her leave some of the coolest parties before because of too much smoke in a room......