What The CRITICS Are Saying About PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL’s “Listening Party For “PLECTRUMELECTRUM”


3RDEYEGIRL along with PRINCE had a listening party for “PLECTRUMELECTRUM” in New York City after the Super Bowl on Sunday at the Darby. The party was hosted by ESSENCE and VH1.

We had two people who got into the event and one of them will be on the PRINCE Spreecast this Wednesday to share the news.

What we can tell you is that the entire album was recorded on analog for that live feeling. The band stressed that at the event.

3rdEyeGirl is Prince, guitarist Donna Grantis, bassist Ida Neilsen, and drummer Hannah Ford Welton.

According to Yahoo Music, the band was introduced by model and dancer Damaris Lewis.

Euroweb said that in attendance was BET’s Stephen Hill along with talk show host Wendy Williams who hopes to have 3RDEYEGIRL on her show soon.

Rolling Stone loves “PRETZELBODYLOGIC” and was digging the 3RDYEGIRL Montreux footage shown at the event as well as Doug E. Fresh doing a DJ set at the event.

Billboard also spoke highly of “PRETZLEBODYLOGIC” and “FUNKNROLL” which was also played at the party. Billboard also added that Prince was shaking his thing to “Da Butt” by EU at the DJ booth.

PRINCE and 3RDYEGIRL are now in London ready to announce their UK TOUR.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 2 songs played as the album gets closer to release. Guess our invites got lost in the mail but still was able to get stragglers in.

For Sunday’s Special PRINCE Spreecast click here…




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