What The CRITICS Are Saying About PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL’s “Listening Party For “PLECTRUMELECTRUM”


3RDEYEGIRL along with PRINCE had a listening party for "PLECTRUMELECTRUM" in New York City after the Super Bowl on Sunday at the Darby. The party was hosted by ESSENCE and VH1.

We had two people who got into the event and one of them will be on the PRINCE Spreecast this Wednesday to share the news.

What we can tell you is that the entire album was recorded on analog for that live feeling. The band stressed that at the event.

3rdEyeGirl is Prince, guitarist Donna Grantis, bassist Ida Neilsen, and drummer Hannah Ford Welton.

According to Yahoo Music, the band was introduced by model and dancer Damaris Lewis.

Euroweb said that in attendance was BET's Stephen Hill along with talk show host Wendy Williams who hopes to have 3RDEYEGIRL on her show soon.

Rolling Stone loves "PRETZELBODYLOGIC" and was digging the 3RDYEGIRL Montreux footage shown at the event as well as Doug E. Fresh doing a DJ set at the event.

Billboard also spoke highly of "PRETZLEBODYLOGIC" and "FUNKNROLL" which was also played at the party. Billboard also added that Prince was shaking his thing to "Da Butt" by EU at the DJ booth.

PRINCE and 3RDYEGIRL are now in London ready to announce their UK TOUR.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 2 songs played as the album gets closer to release. Guess our invites got lost in the mail but still was able to get stragglers in.

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Jimmy Fallon Not Ready To Talk About PRINCE Ping Pong Incident; + Announcement!

Jimmy Fallon & Jay Leno Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Jimmy Fallon taped his show "Late Night" on Friday after getting beat by PRINCE at ping pong the night before. Jimmy still was not wanting to talk about the whooping yet.

At 6:52 in the video above, Jimmy brings out a ping pong ball and doesn't want to say what happened but that Questlove knows and it involves "ping pong, and Prince." Although Jimmy says he will not talk about it yet, Fallon says he will appear on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on September 20th and will share the story then.

OK, Jimmy. September 20th.

For a special "Purple" announcement that will be taking place Sunday, August 4th, click here....


Shelby J. Benefit Concert In New York With Black Gypsy & Friends June 13th!

Shebly J. Benefit

Shelby J. of the NPG will be taking over New York City on June 13th for a benefit concert at the Red Lion.

Entry is a $20.00 donation and also gets you 2 drinks. The first 50 people in the door will get a FREE music download by Shelby J.!

Along with the good music, there will be a raffle to give away an Xbox, an acoustic guitar, plus other celebrities will be donating items as well.

The event is for HDSA.org (Huntington's Disease Society Of America) and Eric Katerle, guitarist for Black Gypsy, is suffering from the disease and will play with the band for as long as he can that night.

Get your tickets before they sell out HERE!

If you don't live in New York or can't make it, please consider making an online donation HERE!



NYC the place to be.-DocFB

Diagnosis: #Compassion


Shock A Lock A Boom! What Was That? Quake Felt In NYC!

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit near Washington, D.C. and was felt up in New York City.

Although it is a super rare occurence, everyone appears to be o.k.

Did you feel it?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Shut Up Already......


Gaga Power! “Born This Way” Flash Mob Takes On NYC! Watch Now


Flash mobs are all the rave and you knew there was going to be a Lady Extravaganza one. This one, however, takes place on a New York Subway and then inside a New York Subway Station.

Digging the girls outfits although there had to be one New Yorker who did not like the Lady Gaga flash mob, but cameras do not show anyone dismayed. Just pleased that it's happening.

Check out the video above of the "Born This Way" flash mob and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: You & I Should flash


Jessica Simpson & Her Twins Visit NYC

Jessica Simpson In New York City:  Photo: Dario Aleuqin/INFphoto.com
Jessica Simpson In New York City:  Photo: Dario Aleuqin/INFphoto.com

Jessica Simpson In New York City: Photo: Dario Aleuqin/INFphoto.com

Jessica Simpson is in New York because she can and is enjoying the city and it's fancy restaurants after performing for Pediatric Cancer survivors over the weekend.

Watching the Laker games at the local chili's hasn't been the same without Jessica & Tony Romo not being there. We are sure those NY places are great but can you really pass up on the chips and salsa there?  

I am trying to survive and seeing pics of Jessica looking so hot, it really doesn't help.  Have fun Jessica and hope you are home soon.-Dr.FB


Prince Finds A West Side Story Diamond In NYC

Prince At The Apollo Theatre 75th Anniversary Bash.  Photo:  Spellman/Killian
Prince At The Apollo Theatre 75th Anniversary Bash.  Photo:  Spellman/Killian

Prince At The Apollo Theatre 75th Anniversary Bash. Photo: Spellman/Killian

So Prince was in New York City to give Patti Labelle an award and it was surprise to Patti as it was kept very much on the hush hush. It seems a lot of people did not know as many celebs were speechless such as MC of the night Steve Harvey.

We learned that the night before, Prince stopped by the West Side Story After Party for the Tony's to visit with Lori Werner aka Lori Elle aka Diamond, who used to dance with Prince and is also a choreographer for West Side Story.  Karen Olivo along with other West Side Story cast members were in attendance while Prince was there.

Prince did promise to attend a West Side Story performance sometime in the future but not certain when. I wonder what outfit he would break out for that?

P.S.  Perez, Prince does not have two messed up hips. Perhaps you should do your homework before lifting a story from another site anyway.- Dr.FB