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Diagnosis: FREAK OUT!

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  1. Really enjoyed your book. One of my favorite songs you produced was “Love Don’t Live Here” by Madonna.  The string arrangement, the drum sound (especially when Tony comes in, WOW!), Madonna’s vocals. This version really hits the mark in many ways.  What was the recording session like for that track?

  2. Nile, what was it like to live through the Black Panther movement and then go #1 with Sister Sledge?  Nevermind Chic? What I mean by that is that it had to be a heck of a transfer from what you knew to Studio 54, then you’re on TOP.. then, there’s “rappers delight”.  So, there it goes…your sound, but it is the B52’s and Powerline later and you’re it as a WELL RESPECTED producer…
    and you go silent
    but here you are! Right?
    Must feel like a Heaven of a life…..So 
    What makes you feel so good when you wake up in the A.M. these days?

  3. How’s it going Nile? Glad you beat your cancer scare. Do you feel Bernard Edwards was the best bass player in modern music at the time of your success with Chic? Also who was your favorite artist to produce and easy to work with? David Bowie, Madonna or Diana Ross… Peace & blessings to you my brotha

  4. First of all, it is great to see you back on the charts, where you deserve to be!  What I admire most about you is that you and Chic, could do no wrong. Hit after hit, until the infamous “Death of Disco” fiasco happened. Istead of rolling over and dying; you produced Diana Ross, Duran Duran, Madonna and others. Other than your obvious love to make music, was/is there something else that drives you? Do you feel the need to keep proving yourself?  Thank you.

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