PRINCE Releases New Song “This Could Be Us” Teaser! Listen Now!

This Could Be Us

PRINCE has just released a teaser for the new song "This Could Be Us" which was inspired by a meme of Prince and Apollonia from his "Purple Rain era.

The teaser can be downloaded HERE. (updated link.)

Prince's vocals are still crisp and clear even in his falsetto.

Prince also invited The Current and Bobby Z. over to Paisley Park last night to hang out and hear new music.

You can read the Current article HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Last night sounded fun.  Coulda been us...but U were playin'. 

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  1. Nice song by prince. Music lovers will always love this type of song. Some <a href=”http://www.superstartunes.com/singer-songs.html”>Unsigned singer</a> can make their carrier in music industry. I also want to become a great musician

  2. when is it gonna drop on itunes?

  3. I really like it, sounds like the Prince I fell in love with the first time. This one and Pretzelbodylogic are quite good!

  4. Sounds good. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to buy this albume – and Plectrum Electrum – very soon!! Thanks to Prince for sharing this tease and to Doc for updating the link! 🙂

  5. honey, honey, honey, why did u miss it?

  6. This isn’t working !

  7. This isn’t working!

  8. O Honay, honay, honay…

  9. “…too much traffic…temporarily disabled.”. Music lovers will always find great music; even in more ‘places’ than copyright (music publishing rights) holders would like to know. Congratulations.
    Now try getting creative, and make Radio, the music Charts, and the other 6 & 1/2 billion+ people on Earth notice and care.

  10. I LIVE 4 Spontaneity & That Last Minute Rendezvous 4 A Listening
    Party @ “The Park” Is The Stuff Dreams R Made Of! & Btw, Prince Is A TRIP :c). &
    Now, Has A Song That Says, “This Could B Us But, U B Playin’”…& Then TEASES
    Us W/ It (Siiigghhhh). Tsk, Tsk, Tsk…Prince, Prince, Prince~<3

  11. Downloading disabled by dropbox, too much traffic…

  12. cant wait to hear the rest loving the tease so far thanks for sharing

  13. Such a tease Prince is. Instrumentation is kept pretty simple and layered it with several of his own voices. Can very clearly hear him walk away, open a door, and then close it. Oh, did I say I like it? I like it.

  14. I really want to hear more of this song….KUDOS Prince!

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