New Face! Rita Ora Releases “Single Most Amazing” For Cavalli Line With A Touch Of Purple?

Rita Ora

Rita Ora has released her single entitled "Single Most Amazing" for her ad as the new face of Cavalli and the tune might have a touch of "Purple" on it.

The original ad had just some music behind it, not Rita's.

RITA ORA - The Single Most Amazing from MOSTAMAZING on Vimeo.

Shortly after, a different video synched with "Single Most Amazing" came out.

Rita Orta tweeted out the link having Prince attached to the music and then 3RDEYEGIRL tweeted out the link as well.

Rita has spoken before that she has recorded with PRINCE for her upcoming album and one of the songs that Ora spoke about was "Champagne Kisses" with Prince and produced by Joshua Welton, not "Single Most Amazing". We have tried to confirm Prince's involvement with his camp but have heard nothing back but the speculation has already begun.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Champagne Kisses" was originally entitled "U Will B" which was performed live and only existed in demo format after the live performances we are told.

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  1. Too smooth jazzy for my tastes. It’s not the kind of Prince sound that made me fall in love with his music many years ago. I’m sure the song won’t become a single and if it were, it wouldn’t be played on radio much if at all. Nice song, don’t get me wrong but it’s just too sweet and safe to be anything worthy of repeated listens. My great grandmother would enjoy it though, if she were alive. Doesn’t rank up with some of Prince’s best 80s productions for other artists when Prince was on fire. Nowadays, I don’t hear the hunger and passion in his productions for other artists. Nowhere near like back in the day. Oh well.

  2. Prince is on a tear! Rita Ora, Janelle Monae, Liv Warfield, 3rdeyegirl…and the songs are actually really good! He’s letting these people do what they do and not trying to overpower them with his sound (too much). Like this new approach. And Josh Welton! This dude is good!
    Would love to hear a collaboration with JDavey. And an album of guitar work with Santana.

  3. RadioDazed  And the church said, “Amen!!!”

  4. The music in the Roberto Cavalli ad is better than at least 90% of the music on radio today.

  5. I love this song…I even like the “Marilyn Monroe” vibe from the Cavalli ad…very cool..

  6. Dr, I heard she changed the title from “champagne kisses” to “pink champagne”?

  7. Sitting on the floor of an all white room
    Feeling like the color blue,……
    Thinking about the words that I can use
    To get this through to you……..

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