Flashback Jam Of The Moment: “Unskinny Bop” By Poison

Poison Unskinny Bop ScreenCap: Maura.com

The Flashback Jam Of The Moment is "Unskinny Bop" by Poison.

The song hit number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 1990. It was the band's second biggest hit, behind "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" back in the late 80's.

Although the rumor was that "Unskinny Bop" was about some Poison groupies that were a little on the thick side of things, Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille said the song had no real meaning. With lyrics such as "Like gas you want to pump me" it is hard to argue with C.C. on that one.

Before a hologram 2Pac, you had Bret Michaels dancing with two neon animated cowgirls.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The opening bass line and guitar is total early 90's glam. Cheesy lyrics aside "Unskinny Bop" still holds up....


Old School Jam Of The Moment: “Poison” By Bell Biv Devoe

Bell Biv Devoe Poison Cover

The first Old School Jam Of The Moment Of 2013 is "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe.

The song was recorded in 1989 and released in the early part of 1990 and samples from Kool G. Rap's song called "Poison" as well. The song stalled at number #3 on the Billboard Charts for 3 weeks in June of 1990, even though the single went platinum.

The song was followed by "Do Me" where the band wore overalls in the video. When school started back that fall, everyone was wearing overalls spray-painted with different artwork.

Because of Bell Biv Devoe, the sayings "Never trust a big butt and a smile" and "the J the I the M the M the Y y'll" are still a staple to this day.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Still doesn't trust a big butt and a smile....


Pentatonix Drop NSYNC Medley; This Must Be *POP*

The a Capella group Pentatonix have released an "NSYNC Medley" that is a 90's piece of freakin' amazing.

Covering "Pop", "Tearing Up My Heart", "It's Gonna Be Me" and a soulful version of "Bye, Bye, Bye" that simply rocks.

I think the next time I'm in a bad mood, I am going to put this on.

Check it out above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Hey Justin....new album in 2013 maybe?


90’s Flashback Jam Of The Moment: No Doubt “Just A Girl”

Our 90's Flashback Jam Of The Moment is "Just A Girl" by No Doubt.

Even then, she was still an Orange County Girl, rocking her Anaheim shirt. Her look was new, it was different, and it was made for an MTV World that still played Music Video's (And allowed them to perform on their Award show even if they did perform on the Teen's Choice Awards. Sigh. MTV, you really do suck donkeyballs now.) and win multiple MTV Awards as well, mind you.

Gwen's image really did dominate the band but for those that knew music, we knew Tony, Tom, and Adrian, and when we heard there were not 1 but 2 No Doubt album's before "Tragic Kingdom" we tracked those sucker's down!

The band has just released their 6th official album "Push And Shove" and show no signs of "Settling Down" anytime soon, which is more than fine by me.

So enjoy our 90's flashback jam of the moment of "Just A Girl" by No Doubt, one of my favorite bands of all time I have yet to see live yet! I have several chances coming up later this year though.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Mad Love Always To Tony, Adrian, Tom, Gwen, and the true hardcore fans who know all about Beacon Street and then some!