Seth Rogen & James Franco Poke Fun At Kanye West & Kim Kardashian In “Bound 2” Parody!

Seth Rogen & James Franco Bound Screen Cap

Somewhere, Kanye West is losing it right now over a "Bound 2" parody by Seth Rogen and James Franco where they recreate the video shot for shot. Yes. Shot for shot.

You may want to watch this video early and often because we have a feeling Kanye will go on a Twitter rant and Seth and James will have the video pulled!-DocFB

James Franco & Seth Rogen Screen Cap Bound 2 Parody

Diagnosis: This is too funny! Hey, you made the crappy video! Don't be mad that the parody is better than the original!


Jingle Balls! Kmart Joe Boxer Xmas Commercial Goes Viral!

Kmart Xmas Commercial Screen Cap YouTube.com

It is not Christmas yet but Kmart's Joe Boxer" commercial of men playing "Jingle Bells" with their jingle balls is one to dick...er..deck the halls!

The commercial has been seen over 3 million times on YouTube. Some feel the men are being objectified. Seriously?

It is funny. Plus women get objectified all the time! Hello!

If they were gonna be objectified, shouldn't it be to "Rock Me Like A Hurricane" by the Scorpions? That song is always in season...-DocFB

Diagnosis: Used to have a grip of Joe Boxers....don't know when I turned into a Hanes guy....


You Got What I Need?!?!? Kate Upton, Snoop Dog, Biz Markie & Larry King Sing About “Hot Pockets”

Kate Upton & Snoop Dogg Photo: ABCNEWS.Go.Com

Kate Upton, Snoop Dogg, and Bow Wow sing about their love for "Hot Pockets to Biz Markie's "Just A Friend" with Biz Markie on it as well. Oh Lord!

They are battling about what makes "Hot Pockets" so good...but...oh what's the use? Just watch the video and you will get what it's about!

We have seen Upton scarf down an "In N Out" burger but a hot pocket???-DocFB

Diagnosis: If anyone says Kate has been having one too many hot pockets, we are gonna scrap!!!


Video: Fan Asks Kate Upton To Prom!

Kate Upton.  Photo: Terry Richardson For GQ Magazine

Jake Davidson made a video where he asks Kate Upton to go to promo with him. The video follows him while he gives reasons why Kate should go to prom with him.

He shaves, does push ups, showers, gets dressed up in his suit and tie and ends with getting down on one knee with roses and asking her to prom.

Good job man! Also, couldn't agree with you more about that Cat Daddy dance.-DocFB

Diagnosis: You get my eternal props if you get her to do the Cat Daddy dance at prom!


Is “One Pound Fish” The 2013 Version Of “Gangnam Style”?

"Gangnam Style" has reached over 1 billion views on YouTube. "One Pound Fish", which is likened to "Style" has just under 12 million views in less than a month.

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, who sings "One Pound Fish", is a 31 year old Pakistani fish seller at Queens Market In London.

"Have a, have a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, one pound fish," which in U.S. Dollars is $1.60 for those wondering.

He made his own video earlier last year and put it on YouTube. As it became a viral sensation, Warner Music approached Muhammad to make a techno-dance infused version of his video. The outcome you can see above. The original version is posted below.

"One Pound Fish changed my whole life," Nazir, who returned to Pakistan last week to a hero's welcome, told the Associated Press. "I am so happy now."

Muhammad will be in the U.S. shortly to promote the song and video here.-DocFB

Diagnosis: From fish salesmen to pop star for less than $2.00


Pentatonix Drop NSYNC Medley; This Must Be *POP*

The a Capella group Pentatonix have released an "NSYNC Medley" that is a 90's piece of freakin' amazing.

Covering "Pop", "Tearing Up My Heart", "It's Gonna Be Me" and a soulful version of "Bye, Bye, Bye" that simply rocks.

I think the next time I'm in a bad mood, I am going to put this on.

Check it out above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Hey Justin....new album in 2013 maybe?


Viral Video Of The Moment: How To Pick Up A Girl At A Gym! Must Watch Now!

The viral video of the moment is "How To Pick Up A Girl At A Gym" by Jarret Sleeper.

His technique involves these simple rules for picking up a girl at a gym: For a strong or even decent pull, set up is important. Visualization, confidence, and a certain swagger is crucial for successful execution.

LOL! Check out the video above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will this catch on?