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Tickets for Oakland's PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Saturday March 15th show went on sale at 10:30 P.M. Pacific time and at the same moment, the ticketmaster server site it was on along with Fox Theatre's site crashed simultaneously.

Tickets were on sale HERE!!

If any additional shows go on sale, we will update the post.

These shows come on the heels of a nearly 4 hour show of epic proportions in Hollywood last Saturday night.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Oaktown, we knew U was funky!!!!


Marathon Man! PRINCE Performs 4 Hour Amazing Show At Palladium

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The L.A. Marathon was held on Sunday morning but PRINCE decided to have his own marathon Saturday night with his 3RDEYEGIRL and NEW POWER GENERATION bands.

I could easily just post the set list (Over 60 songs in total) and that could be the review of the material he went through Saturday night but that would be cheating.

On Friday night, Prince and his band performed for under an hour, pulling out one of the longest versions of "Days & Of Wild" I have ever heard and the first time I heard "Extraloveable" live as well. It really was just a small taste of what was to come Saturday night.

The show kicked off with the as yet unreleased "Big City" followed up by NPG Diva Elisa performing "Superconductor" and as the NPG Horns went into "1999", Hollywood knew what kind of party it was going to be. Prince then picked up Donna Grantis's guitar for a little bit of chicken scratch and gave it back to her. He would not pick up a guitar again til the last 2 songs of the show.

Prince was in a great mood for the crowd as they went through "Extraloveable", "Let's Work", "Love Machine", "U Got The Look", "Nothing Compares 2 U" duet with Shelby J. "Take Me With U" was played as the crowd wanted to go anywhere Prince was willing to take them, achy feet be darned.

As Prince reached into his catalog and songs he wrote for other people, it was like he was turning chapters of how great music was, and how great music is when you have talented musicians around you to perform. From "Purple Rain" being played with a sax solo from Marcus Anderson instead of the usual guitar solo, Prince was not following the script of what "you have to do" when performing a signature song.

He did many songs that I did not hear live before until that night. We don't need to go into how many shows I have been to but if I have been to another artists show that many times, there is no way I would have heard them do one song I haven't heard before.

Prince Photo: Kevin Mazure/WireImage.com

Later in the night legendary rapper Doug E. Fresh joined Prince on stage as he would rap over beats like "Hot Thing" and was simply amazing during "If Was Your Girlfriend" and "Forever In My Life" with Prince on keys and then picking up his bass as Doug E. beat boxed. Yea, that script I was talking about, Prince threw it away a long time ago.

Every Prince hit and song you can imagine, he performed. He closed out the show playing guitar with a high energy performance of "Let's Go Crazy" and "FUNKNROLL" the song he opened up the Arsenio Hall show with last week.

The "FUNKNROLL" remix was played in all its bass glory after the show ended.

When you get wind of Prince playing your town, if you get a months notice or a few hours, find a way there. Someone found out about the show after 8, got dressed, headed down there with a $100 cash ans was in there with no problem. That coulda been you, but you were playing.-DocFB

Diagnosis: For the legendary set list, click here!



PRINCE & Arsenio Photo: ArsenioHall.com

Arsenio Hall may want to have PRINCE on his late night talk show a lot more often. The reclusive music icon more than doubled Arsenio's audience in the takeover special that aired last night.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arsenio's ratings jumped 50 percent in the 18-49 demographic with Prince's appearance, giving him his youngest viewing audience to date.

In total, ratings were up 56% for Arsenio in all households and higher than his February sweeps numbers. Arsenio was also trending on Twitter for a majority of the night due to the purple one's appearance.

It tied him with Jimmy Kimmel and for the first time since his opening week, gave him higher ratings than Conan O'Brien and Chelsea Handler. Arsenio did trail Jimmy Fallon whom it is being reported has started a booking war that people have to appear on The Tonight Show first before appearing anywhere else. We have a feeling Fallon will make an exception for Prince.-DocFB

Diagnosis: PRINCE is high on everyone's booking list including Ellen, who on Monday had her highest rated show ever and this season has been her best ever ratings wise.



PRINCE Photo: ArsenioHall.com

PRINCE, 3RDEYEGIRL, THE NPG, & LiV WARFIELD took over The ARSENIO HALL show last night with funk-filled jams and with FUNKNROLL flair!

In case you missed it for some odd reason or want to see it again and again, here is the FULL show that was uploaded to PRINCE's new OFFICIAL YOUTUBE account! We will talk about that more later. Thanks to a funkenberry reader for the heads up.

For now, enjoy the show!-DocFB



Watch Now! PRINCE & THE NPG! “Sweeter”,”So Dark” & “Cause & Effect” Live!

PRINCE Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

The astral plane may have landed and with it dropped a few lyrics from what we believe is a new song and 3 new live clips previously unshared.

The first was tweeted out by Liv Warfield of "The Sweeter She Is" from the Mohegan shows in December. The second video was tweeted out by Danielle Curiel. The 3rd video was tweeted out by 3RDEYEGIRL.

For both video clips and more on this story, click here!


PRINCE Teaches Musicology To Mohegan Night 3 Set List, Photos, & Videos!

PRINCE Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

PRINCE along with the NEW POWER GENERATION, 3RDEYEGIRL, and JANELLE MONAE closed out a 3 night affair at the Mohegan Sun Arena with quite a bit of flair.

The purple icon took the stage with Janelle earlier in the night to perform their duet "Givin' Em What They Love" and he was rolled out on a dolly!

PRINCE Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

For the set list, and videos of "Musicology" and "Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)" click here!


Watch Now! PRINCE & The NPG Perform “Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) Live!

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL Tour Opener - Vancouver Photo: Kevin Mazur

PRINCE & The NEW POWER GENERATION along with 3RDEYEGIRL played 3 rocking shows at the Mohegan Sun Arena, ending the night affair last night.

Prince performed a mesmerizing version of "Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)" and put it up for the world to see. For now.

You might want to check out the video early and often because it may not be up for long!

To see the live video, click here....