Did David Beckham Cheat On Wife With A Hooker?

David Beckham Intouch Magazine
David Beckham Intouch Magazine

David Beckham Intouch Magazine

Wow.  Intouch magazine has an interview with a hooker that claims David Beckham was a client of hers.

The hooker says that Beckham was paying her 10 grand a night.  You would think at 10 grand a night the hooker would keep her mouth shut but....no.

She also claims that they had threesomes unprotected although at the end he would pleasure himself for the final release.  Goaaaaaaaal!

The hooker also claimed that he would bad-mouth his wife Victoria Beckham and that he is a total butt-man and not so much into the breasts.  Hmm.  Wouldn't Posh get breast surgery every few years or so?

We have a hard time believing this story.  We don't want to believe it but after Tiger, anything is possible. 

Do you think Becks cheated?-Dr.FB


Ludacris & T.I. Come To Aid Atlanta Floods

T.I. & Ludacris File Photo
T.I. & Ludacris File Photo

T.I. & Ludacris File Photo

This is really really good news. T.I. & Ludacris are donating 10 grand apiece to help Atlanta flood victims according to TMZ.

Even behind bars, T.I. is trying to help his community and this comes on the heels of Luda giving away cars last month. They are donating the money via The Ludacris Foundation.

People usually report on the crap rappers do like say Kanye n his outburst, but I prefer stories like this. Good job T.I. n Luda!-Dr.FB